Fun French Expressions With 'Bien'

Debate the 'Public Good' or 'Good and Evil' in French Using a 'Bien' Idiom.

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Les biens immobiliers means real estate. Digital Vision/Getty Images

The French word bien means "well" or "good" and is used in many idioms that express several forms of speech, from nouns to verbs and exclamations. But bien by itself is usually an adverb. Learn how to say "good and evil," "real estate," "we'll see," "to do a good job," and more with these fun expressions using bien.

Remember not to confuse bien and its close sibling bon. Bon and bien are often confused, because they have similar meanings and because both can function as adjectives, adverbs, or nouns.

Common French Expressions Using 'Bien'

avoir la langue bien pendue
to be a facile talker; to have the gift of gab

bel et bien
altogether; truly; really

bien au contraire
on the contrary; quite the opposite

bien dans sa peau
comfortable in one's own skin / with oneself

bien entendu
of course; obviously

le bien et le mal
good and evil

le bien public
public good

le bien d'humanité
the good of humanity

les biens d'un magasin
a store's goods

les biens immobiliers
real estate

bien sûr
of course

bien sûr que non
of course not

dire du bien de
to speak well of

être bien mal
to be close to death

faire du bien à quelqu'un
to do someone good

faire le bien
to do good

On verra bien !
We'll see!

prendre la chose bien
to take something well

rendre le bien pour le mal
to return good for evil

s'y prendre bien
to do a good job; handle something the right way