French Expressions with Champ

Idiomatic French expressions

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Un champ de manoeuvre translates to "parade ground". Fr?d?ric SOREAU/Photononstop/Getty Images

The French word un champ literally means "field" and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to say sphere of activity, battlefield, having room to move, and more with this list of expressions with champ.

Possible Meanings of Un Champ

  • field (all senses)
  • area, domain
  • shot, frame (filming)
  • champagne (apocope)

Expressions with Un Champ

un champ clos
combat area
un champ d'action
sphere of activity
un champ d'activité
sphere of activity
un champ d'aviation
un champ d'avoine
field of oats
un champ de bataille
un champ de blé
field of corn/wheat
un champ de courses
un champ de foire
un champ de manoeuvre
parade ground
un champ de mines
un champ de neige
un champ de tir
shooting range, field of fire
un champ de trèfle
field of clover
un champ de vision
visual field
un champ d'honneur
field of honor
un champ électrique
electric field
un champ magnétique
magnetic field
un champ opératoire
operative field
un champ optique
optical field
un champ ouvert
open field
un champ visuel
visual field
les champs
les Champs Élysées
Elysian Fields (mythology), street in Paris
à tout bout de champ
all the time, at every opportunity
dans le champ
in the shot/picture (filming)
en champ clos
behind closed doors
en robe des champs
unpeeled (potatoes)
une fleur des champs
wild flower
hors champ
la profondeur de champs
depth of field
immediately, right away
la vie aux champs
country life
avoir du champ
to have room to move
avoir le champ libre
to be free to do as one pleases
Le champ est libre.
The coast is clear.
élargir le champ
to broaden the scope
laisser du champ à quelqu'un
to leave someone room to move
laisser le champ libre à quelqu'un
to leave someone a clear field
mourir au champ d'honneur
to be killed in action
passer à travers champs
to go through/across fields/country
prendre du champs
to step/stand back
prendre la clé des champs
to run away
se retrouver en plein(s) champ(s)
to find oneself in the middle of a field
sonner aux champs
to sound the general salute (military)
sortir du champ
to go out of shot (filming)
tomber au champ d'honneur
to be killed in action
travailler aux champs
to work in the fields

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