French Expressions with Sans

Idiomatic French expressions

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The French preposition sans means "without" and is also used in many expressions. Learn how to say homeless, otherwise, barefoot, and more with this list of expressions with sans.

sans abri

sans argent

sans attendre
right away

sans aucun doute
without a doubt

sans blague
seriously, all kidding aside

sans broncher
without flinching

sans but

sans ça (informal)

sans cesse
constantly, continuously, incessantly


sans chaussures

sans culottes
~without fancy underwear (reference to militant republicans in the French Revolution)

sans domicile fixe

sans doute
doubtless, no doubt

sans effort
easily, effortlessly

sans faute
without fail


sans mal
without any difficulty

sans même + noun or infinitive
without even + noun or -ing

sans mère

sans nul doute
without a doubt

sans oublier
last but not least

sans père

sans plus
that's it, no more than that

sans plus attendre
without further delay

sans préjugés

sans que + subjunctive   for example, sans qu'il le sache
without + ____ing   "without him knowing"

sans quoi (informal)

sans le savoir
unknowingly, unwittingly

sans soin

sans souci

sans le vin (menu)
not including wine

sans se le faire dire deux fois
without having to be told twice

les sans abri
the homeless

les sans domicile fixe
the homeless

un/e sans-emploi
unemployed person

le sans-façon
casualness, offhandedness

le sans-faute
faultless performance, something impeccable

un sans-fil
cordless phone

un/e sans-grade
enlisted man/woman; underling, peon, small fry

les sans-le-sou
the have-nots, penniless

les sans-logis
the homeless

un/e sans-papiers
illegal immigrant

un/e sans-parti (politics)

un/e sans-patrie
person without nationality

un/e sans-soin (archaic)
careless person

un/e sans-souci (archaic)
carefree, happy-go-lucky person

un/e sans-travail
unemployed person

les sans-voix
people with no voice

boire sans soif
to drink without being thirsty

être sans argent
to be penniless

jamais deux sans trois
everything happens in threes

J'y crois sans y croire.

I believe it and I don't.

non sans
not without

Lesson: French preposition sans

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