French Love Vocabulary

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French is often called the language of love. Here is some love related French vocabulary. To know how to say "I love you" in French - it's more complicated than what it seems and not knowing exactly what you are saying could lead to a huge embarrassment, I suggest you check out my lesson about "How To Say I Love You in French".

French Love Vocabulary

  • L'amour - love
  • L'amitié - friendship
  • Mon amour - my love (could be used as a French term of endearment, either for a man or a woman)
  • Mon chéri, ma chérie - darling (note the i sound at the end)
  • Je t'aime - I am in love with you
  • Je l'aime - I am in love with him/her
  • Je suis amoureux / amoureuse de toi, lui, elle, vous... - I am in love with you, him, her, you (formal or... plural !)
  • Tomber Amoureux / amoureuse - to fall in love (not tomber en amour which is used in Canadian French but not in France)
  • Est-ce que tu veux sortir avoir moi - would you like to go out with me ?
  • Est-ce que tu veux bien m'épouser - would you marry me? The bien here means "are you willing to marry me", but it's what we traditionally say.
  • To kiss - embrasser, s'embrasser. WATCH OUT !!! Not "baiser"... I'm sorry to be vulgar but you need to be aware that "un baiser" is fine, it' a kiss, but "baiser" as a verb nowadays means to f..k.
  • A kiss - un baiser, un bisou - I wrote a whole article on the subject of French kisses.
  • Les fiançailles - engagement
  • Se fiancer - to get engaged
  • Un fiancé, une fiancée - someone you are engaged to. But sometimes used to say someone you are just dating.
  • Le mariage - marriage, wedding (only one R in French)
  • Se marier avec qq'un - to get married with someone
  • Épouser quelqu'un - to marry someone
  • La lune de miel - Honeymoon
  • Un mari - a husband
  • Une femme - a wife
  • Un petit-ami - a boyfriend
  • Une petite-amie - a girlfriend

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