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Introduction to French possessive pronouns

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Possessive pronouns are the words which replace nouns modified by possessive adjectives. In French there are different forms of possessive pronouns depending on whether the noun is masculine or feminine, singular or plural. These forms are spelled out in the table at the end of this lesson.

French and English possessive pronouns are very similar in usage. However, the French possessive pronoun must match the noun being replaced in number and gender, and the appropriate definite article must be used.

    Je vois ton frère, mais le mien n'est pas encore arrivé.
    I see your brother, but mine hasn't arrived yet.

    Je déteste ma voiture ; la tienne est beaucoup plus jolie.
    I hate my car; yours is much prettier.

    Mes parents sont en France. Où habitent les vôtres ?
    My parents are in France. Where do yours live?

    Cette tasse... c'est la tienne ou la mienne ?
    This cup... is it yours or mine?

When the possessive pronoun is preceded by à or de, the preposition contracts with the definite article:

    Tu parles à ton frère ; je vais parler au mien.
    You talk to your brother; I'm going to talk to mine.

    Ils sont fiers de leurs enfants et nous sommes fiers des nôtres.
    They are proud of their kids and we are proud of ours.

Test on French possessive pronouns

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 Singular   Plural
EnglishMasculine   Feminine   Masculine   Feminine
minele mienla mienneles miensles miennes
yours (tu form)le tienla tienneles tiensles tiennes
his, hers, itsle sienla sienneles siensles siennes
oursle nôtrela nôtreles nôtresles nôtres
yours (vous form) le vôtrela vôtreles vôtresles vôtres
theirsle leurla leurles leursles leurs