E - French Pronunciation of E

Big "E"
Orin Zebest/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The French letter E can be pronounced several different ways:

  • Like the E in angel (like a schwa) - listen. This sound is often heard in single syllable words like le, me, etc.
  • Like the vowel sound in "weigh" except without the y sound at the end - listen. This sound occurs with
       E with an acute accent: été
       E in an open syllable (i.e., a syllable that ends in a vowel sound): trajet
       the verb endings -er and -ez: manger, veuillez.
  • Like the E in bed - listen. This sound is found in
       E with a grave accent: exprès
       E with a circumflex: tête
       E followed by a double consonant: belle
       E in a closed syllable (a syllable that ends in a consonant sound): sept
  • An unaccented E at the end of a word is called an E muet and may or may not be pronounced.

French Words With E

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