Pronounce the French R Perfectly

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The French letter r is one of the two most difficult sounds in French to pronounce for most people (u is the other one).

The r is a kind of raspy sound pronounced in the back of the throat. There is no equivalent sound in English. Take a look at step-by-step instructions on how to pronounce the French r.

French R Words

Hear different r words and their correct pronunciation in French:

Many French students have trouble with the letter r. Follow step-by-step instructions to learn how to pronounce the French r:

  1. Open your mouth.
  2. Close your throat as if you're going to gargle or to avoid swallowing a mouthful of liquid, and say "k" carefully, several times.
  3. Pay attention to where in your throat the k sound is made. We'll call this the K place.
  4. Begin slowly closing your throat until you can almost feel the K place. Your throat should be only partially constricted.
  5. Tense the muscles around the K place.
  6. Gently push air through your partially-constricted throat.
  7. Practice saying "ra-ra-ra" (where r = steps 4-6) every day.


Try not to think of this letter as an r. The French r is nothing like the English r (pronounced in the middle of the mouth) or the Spanish r (pronounced in the front of the mouth). The French r is pronounced in the throat.

The French r sounds a lot like the ch sound in "Loch Ness" and the kh in Arabic transcription, as in Khalid.

Remember that practice makes perfect!


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