French Trains Vocabulary - Prendre le Train En France

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Taking the train is a fast, often comfortable and relatively cheap way to travel in France. Yes, there are strikes, but not all the time, and all in all, taking the train is quite reliable.

I will be writing several lessons on this subject: tips to feel prepared when you travel by train, easy learn French in context story with English/French side by side translations and even a useful questions and answers lessons. So make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get informed of new releases.

  • Un voyageur – a traveler
  • La gare – the station (watch out for the pronunciation – gAr, not gayr which is “la guerre": war)
  • Un billet – a ticket
  • Un guichet – a booth
  • Une salle d’attente – waiting area
  • Un panneau d’information – information display
  • Le départ – departure
  • L’arrivée - arrivals
  • La seconde classe, la première classe – 2nd and 1st class
  • Un aller simple – one way
  • Un aller-retour – round trip
  • Une place (assise) – a seat
  • Une place duo – 2 seats next to each other
  • Un carré – 4 seats, separated in 2 rows facing each other
  • Une réservation – booking
  • Voyager dans le sens du train – to be facing towards where the train is going
  • Un billet remboursable – refundable ticket
  • Un billet échangeable – exchangeable ticket
  • Un train direct – direct train
  • Une correspondance – transfer
  • Un changement – transfer
  • Le quai – the platform
  • Le passage souterrain – the underground pass
  • Le rail, la voie – the track (rail is pronounced like "rye" in English)
  • La voiture, le wagon (v sound) – the car
  • Le bar – the snack car
  • Un contrôleur – a controller

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