French for Beginners: What to Say During a Restaurant Dialogue

Use this exchange to learn new vocabulary

If you're learning French, pick up some new vocabulary words by reviewing this dialogue between a server and student at a restaurant. Read the conversation in French and then compare it to its English translation. You and a partner can take turns being the server and the student. When you finish, you can click on a link that will enable you to listen to the French restaurant dialogue.

ServeurBonsoir Monsieur/Madame.Good evening sir/ma'am.
ÉtudiantBonsoir Madame/Monsieur. Je voudrais une table pour trois personnes, pour dîner, s'il vous plaît.Good evening ma'am/sir. I would like a table for 3, for dinner, please.
ServeurVous avez une reservation?Do you have a reservation?
ÉtudiantNon, je n'ai pas de reservation.No, I don't have a reservation.
ServeurPas de problème. Voici une table pour 3 personnes, et voici la carte.No problem. Here is a table for 3, and here is the menu.
ÉtudiantMerci Madame/Monsieur. S'il vous plaît.Thank you ma'am/sir. Excuse me?
ServeurOui Monsieur/Madame ?Yes sir/ma'am ?
ÉtudiantJe voudrais de l'eau.I would like some water.
ServeurOui Monsieur/Madame. Et pour dîner, vous avez choisi ?Yes sir/ma'am. And for dinner, have you decided?
ÉtudiantJe voudrais le menu à 15 Euros.I would like the set price menu for 15 Euros.
ServeurOui. En entrée ?Yes. For the appetizer?
ÉtudiantJe voudrais le paté.I would like the paté.
ServeurEt en plat principal.And for your main course?
ÉtudiantJe voudrais le steak frites.I would like the steak with French fries.
ServeurBien Monsieur/Madame, quelle cuisson ?OK sir/ma'am, how would you like it cooked?
ÉtudiantBien cuit, s'il vous plaît. Non, à point, s'il vous plaît.Well done please. No, medium rare, please.
ServeurEn dessert?For dessert? 
ÉtudiantUne glace à la vanille. Et, excusez-moi Madame/ Monsieur, où sont les toilettes ?Vanilla ice cream. And, excuse me ma'am/sir, where is the restroom?
ServeurAu sous-sol.In the basement.
ÉtudiantJe ne comprends pas. Vous pouvez répéter s'il vous plaît ?I don't understand. Could you repeat please?
ServeurAu sous sol. Vous descendez l'escalier.In the basement. Go down the stairs.
ÉtudiantOh, je comprends maintenant. Merci.Ah, now I understand. Thank you.
ServeurComment vous trouvez votre steak frites ?How is your steak?
ÉtudiantC'est délicieux. C'est parfait.It's delicious. It's perfect.
ÉtudiantL'addition s'il vous plaît.May I have the check please?
ServeurBien Monsieur/Madame. Vous pouvez payer à la caisse.OK sir/ma'am. You can pay at the register.

Listen to the Restaurant Exchange

Now that you've read the exchange between the server and the student in both French and English, try listening to the dialogue. This will help you learn to properly pronounce the French words. You can follow along with the text or listen without the text to test your French comprehension.

The sound files for this listening exercise are MP3s. If you don't have the correct software, your computer may prompt you to download it in order to listen. You can also save the file to listen offline. If you don't know how to do this or are having trouble accessing the sound file, read help with sound files.

After you listen to the dialogue, you may want to review some of the vocabulary words the server and the student used during their conversation. Go over any words that were unfamiliar to you. 


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