Freshman Year of High School

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If you are looking forward to your freshman year of high school, you're experiencing one of the most exciting times of your life. Sometimes it also feels like one of the most daunting times, because high school results can determine your college plans, and that's big! 

These tips can help you prepare for a successful beginning to your high school career.

Organize Your Life and Your Studies

Let's face it, some people are naturally more organized than others.

Some of us always seem to work with a messy desk and a cluttered brain. In high school, many students have the safety net of parents telling them when assignments or do, or telling them to pack their work into a bag so they don't leave it at home. But students shouldn't grow too dependent on parents! All of these responsibilities are on the shoulder of the student in college - and that is a huge difference!

Forgetting homework one time can be the difference between passing and failing in some classes! There are some easy ways to break messy habits and improve your study skills.

Choosing the Right Path

It's important to get off to the right start when it comes to choosing classes. You should get to know your guidance counselor and become familiar with the types of courses that are required in your chosen diploma type.

Students should consider AP courses very carefully. Sometimes AP credit is a terrific thing to have on your record. Sometimes AP classes put so much pressure on the student that the record becomes a bit blemished by a C or D. Do your research and weigh the importance of accelerated and advanced classes.

Improving Your Study Habits

Do you study best alone or in a group? Do you learn best by seeing, hearing, or acting out new information? If you take the time to evaluate your personal learning style, you can give yourself an early advantage in high school.

Communicating with Family and Teacher

Avoid the stress and tension that arise from a lack of communication with your parents and siblings by discussing your needs and laying out a plan ahead of time. Don't fight over the computer or your curfew!

Building New Skills

High school is the time for preparing for college. Each year your assignments will become more and more challenging. Learn essential skills and build upon them for a bright and successful future!

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