Frisco, Felicia & The Aztec Treasure | Fifty Years of General Hospital

Frisco and Felicia. ABC, Inc.

Frisco Arrives in Port Charles

Frisco Jones was the lead singer for "Blackie and the Riff-Raff," until Blackie went to prison for manslaughter. Frisco stayed in Port Charles. He had a brother working at General Hospital, Dr. Tony Jones, with whom he had been estranged. After they mended their relationship, there was a reason for Frisco to stick around.

Frisco got into the social scene in Port Charles at a charity ball where he purchased a ring believed to be a piece of costume jewelry.

It wasn't. It was part of an Aztec treasure and its owner, Felicia Cummings, wanted it back.

Frisco and Felicia Meet

One night, in 1984, Felicia disguised herself as a boy and broke into Frisco's bedroom, hiding under the bed. When discovered, Frisco and Felicia talked,. Frisco learned that the young woman was an Aztec princess and in fear for her life.

Frisco didn't tell anyone her whereabouts because it seemed that there were other people who wanted not only the ring, but Felicia herself. The list of interested parties included Felicia's ex-fiance, the treacherous Peter Harrell.

As Frisco learned, when put together with a scepter, the ring worked as a key to an Aztec treasure of gold. Frisco and Felicia wound up going on the run to get away from their pursuers.

Former director of the World Security Bureau, Sean Donely, also wanted the Aztec treasure, and he was determined to keep others from getting it.

When Luke Spencer was framed for murder in Mexico, Robert Scorpio went there to save him, and the two men met at Donely's home. After talking with Donely, Robert and Luke decided to search for the treasure themselves.

Peter Harrell was ahead of them. He found clues on the bottom of a suspended museum statue; Robert and Luke reach the museum just as Peter is studying the statue.

When Peter sees them, he releases the suspension holding the statue so it drops, and he runs for it. He's chased by Robert and Luke and ultimately arrested for destruction of property.

Robert leaves Luke in a nearby church, where he falls asleep. While walking around, Robert sees a boy selling little versions of the statue and buys one, since it seems to have the same markings on the bottom.

Peter manages to get out of jail and finds Luke. The two men fight on the church roof; Luke is rescued by Robert Scorpio. Peter and a young woman, Cruz, race into the jungle.

Robert and Luke return to Sean's place and find Holly Sutton there. Luke tells Sean about running into Peter. Sean looks at the miniature statue and the markings, stating that the real statue has more accurate markings.

When Holly realizes that Robert and Luke are going to go off and leave her, she fiddles with the car radiator so that it will break down. Then she "rescues" Robert and Luke. They realize they are going the wrong way and go back to Sean's.

Meanwhile, Laura Spencer patiently waits to hear from Luke with Jack Slater, who makes her uncomfortable. Jack steals a letter that Felicia sent to her grandmother, Maria, and then calls his employer -- Sean.

Hearing the letter, Sean realizes that Peter has double-crossed him, and orders Slater to find Felicia and bring her to Mexico.

Felicia leaves for Mexico as soon as she verifies that the sceptor has been found. She leaves a note for Frisco who, when he reads it, follows her. Once in Mexico, he runs into Robert Scorpio, Luke Spencer, and Holly Sutton.

Peter Harrell gets Felicia intoxicated; Sean puts the police onto Luke and the group. They escape into the jungle. As Peter and Felicia head for the waterfall, where they are to meet Sean, Peter tells Felicia to give him the ring. She throws it into the jungle and runs. Sean's men capture her.

Peter retrieves the ring and gives it to Sean. Sean places it in the scepter, and a door opens to a staircase. Sean then puts Felicia's ring into a slot -- another door opens and reveals the magnificent Aztec treasure!

Sean has no intention of sharing it with Peter, whom he locks up.

Frisco follows Felicia's screams and rescues her. Luke, Robert, and Holly are running away from the police, who are on their heels. Robert and Luke find Sean and Peter on the staircase, and a fight begins. Sean is wounded.

Peter lands in the falls when the police shoot him, and his body is not found. Luke, Robert, and Holly convince the police that the villain was Peter and not Luke -- Peter committed the murder of which Luke is being accused. Sean, still posing as a good guy, talks Felicia into returning to Texas. He tells her that the treasure didn't exist.

Luke is cleared of murder and he and Laura meet at the hacienda, along with Frisco and Felicia, Holly, Robert, and Sean. Luke and Laura have a wonderful reunion, and the next day Laura announces that she's pregnant.

Once everyone is back in Port Charles, Sean has the gold removed and brought to New York and arranges for it to be fenced. Sean accepts an invitation from Robert Scorpio to visit Port Charles.

First, though, he goes to New York and phones Felicia. He asks her to visit the Maximillian exhibition with him at the museum, after which he gives her a portrait of Maximillian. Though Sean has romantic ideas about Felicia, they end up as friends.