Full Moon in Aquarius - July 31st, 2015

Reviving Air

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The Aquarius jolt means waking up to amazing truths and possibilities.  It's one of those rare peaks where you can see far, and imagine something way different.  Once you imagine it -- spot it there on the far horizon -- you can set your sights on that lofty vision. 

The polar dance is with sunny Leo, and that revives courage, and the will to be fully who you are.  It's time for a breakthrough into the strange, but exhilarating unknown.

Exact on July 31st, 2015 (exact 6:43 am EDT)

The luminaries Sun and Moon meet across the Zodiac at 8 Leo-Aquarius.  Where does 8 Aquarius fall in your birth chart?  Look at forecast possibilities for Aquarius Full Moon in the Houses.  

The Leo-Aquarius Full Moon is the swing and balance of staying true to yourself, and seeing your own dramatic role as a champion of a bright future. 

Saturn Standards

What stands out in the Full Moon chart is the on-the-edge Saturn (in Scorpio).  There are tensions that jar to the roots, and could activate an inside-out kind of change. 

Saturn is very much on the verge, as it goes direct just after the Full Moon.  Saturn has been retro since mid-March, and went back into the rich netherworld degrees of Scorpio.  Look at how many secrets are being brought to light, with Scorpio themes of subversion, backdoor dealings and corruption.  Many are matters of life and death.


It's hard to know these things, but it's also the only way to build on a true, life-reverent foundation. 

Saturn is in a friendly trine to Mars in emotional Cancer (more water), for a cathartic purge of feelings.  Any underlying emotional waves could feel urgent, so look for ways to transform what's rising.


Jupiter is also in a square, in Leo, to foster a sense of dignity, generosity, and following your heart as a guide. 

As the Moon waxes, so does the tension.  It can be heart-wrenching in some way that's hard to put your finger on.  It could seem like you're in the cauldron of change, and there's an element that's beyond your control.  The energies (of Scorpio) are about risking it all, to undergo that change that you sense is necessary.  The risk comes from not knowing how it'll change you 

One way this can play out is realizing that to live out new, promising visions, there's a need to restructure.  And the restructuring, with Saturn there at a provocative angle, is likely in the psyche.  So some of the Full Moon release could be of stuck psychic energies, that cry out to be aired and healed. 

A new vision of the future is illuminated.

Here are Six Rituals for the Aquarius Full Moon, some that mirror the letting go process. 

Time for a Cool Change

Aquarius is like an unexpected breeze on a hot summer day. It's the surprise breakthrough that comes in the midst of struggle. Or a startling event that wakes you up, like a cosmic alarm clock.

This is a chance to rebel against deadening conformity, to break free -- of ideas about reality, a habitual rhythm, deeply embedded conditioning.

Epic ah-has happen at the Aquarius Full Moon, when we bust through our own (often self-imposed) glass ceiling and breathe the air.

The good vibes of Aquarius are best received with an open mind.  If it's time for a radical upgrade in your thinking, there's often a period of in-between. Aquarius has two rulers -- Uranus and Saturn. One is the evolutionary urge, the other (Saturn) shows us how to ground the charge.

Being able to see that the way we organize and perceive reality itself, is up for tweaking, can be liberating. If you've felt at a dead-end, and stagnant, get ready for unexpected plot twists!

General Notes

When the Moon is full in Aquarius, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Leo.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, for rounding out, adding breadth and depth to what we've started. Aquarius is an air sign and known for rebellion, genius, and shattering tired matrices.

It's a time for breaking through to revolutionary frames-of-perception, and establishing them as the new order. Aquarius is ruled by both the rule-breaker Uranus and the stabilizer Saturn.

Full Moon in Aquarius: the upstart impulse that demands freedom as our birthright; sudden changes in frequency; illuminated grids; alliances beyond labels (class, race, ideology); the passion of visionary ideas; surprise breakthroughs; seeing how you fit into the whole; other worldly knowledge.

This Full Moon illuminates: supportive networks, flashes of genius, kindred spirits, human potential for evolution, innovative use of technology, relations with friends, quantum leaps in spiritual growth, sudden events or realizations that alter your life course, your place in the social web.

It's a Good Time to Focus on: hitching your dreams in a way that contributes to the human story; finding the universal in the personal; experimenting with healing currents (acupuncture, reiki, group ritual), gathering with kindred spirits, experiencing strength in numbers (when trying to create change), cultivating a cutting edge idea, expressing your eccentricities, being true to yourself, act on behalf of human freedom.

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