Full Moon in Leo - Jan 23rd, 2016

Snow Moon

Venice, Italy / Mats Silvan / Design Pics.

The Leo Full Moon is on January 23rd at 8:46 pm EST.  The degree is 3 and 29 (minutes), and some astrologers round up to 4 degrees.  

The Full Moon is in Leo, the sign of the artist, player and lover.  Full Moons are when loony moods go supernova, so watch the drama with this one.  The Plutonian edge to the chart adds some urgency, and the urge to get to the heart of what's happening.  Or to provoke a catalyst.


Heart of the Matter!

Mercury is still retrograde in serious Capricorn, and meeting truth-bomber Pluto in an exact alignment.  I'm finding it very hard to start anything new, which is classic Mercury retro.  

Pluto is going to deliver some messages (Mercury), so keep your eyes and ears open.  Messages to do with your calling, your passions and the achievements that would be your crowning glory.    

On top of that, Mars is in Scorpio, and that's Pluto's own sign.  These two factors amp up the intensity, and the desire to bust out of limiting scenarios.  The very foundation of things, or presumptions, can be questioned now.  

What's the role you play on life's stage?  What compromises have you made that diminish your natural light, or drain your creativity?  

Since your own natural radiance is bright, it can remind you of where you're not being true to it, not showing your true colors.  That makes it a time for soul searching, and observing, perhaps waiting for the right timing to act.


See where the magic is likely to happen -- Leo Full Moon in the Houses.

Leo and Aquarius

Leo gets the improv and storytelling rolling, making it a fine time for parties. Here in the chill of winter, this lunation in a fire sign has a warming effect. With the spirit of generosity in the air, each person's uniqueness emerges, and is encouraged to shine.

The Sun in Aquarius rounds out the stellium in this freedom-loving sign with a strong affinity for the clan. The Leo-Aquarius axis is therefore fully lit up this full Moon. Leo is at home in the particular, and seeks to express what is unique to the self.

It's a regal sign with an instinct for encouaging the dignity in others. Aquarius tunes into the many, and often seeks to provoke change that will benefit all. As a quirky original, Aquarius values the individual, in the context of the wider community.

It's an ideal time to hold a benefit, or start a grassroots campaign. And why not do it artfully, with creativity that blows everyone away. Something they won't soon forget. This Full Moon supports using your creative vitality for a cause you believe in.

And on the topic of creativity, the time is right to take a risk and express yourself in a new medium. Be experimental. Take action on the new Moon intentions made under the ambitious influence of Capricorn.  The Leo Full Moon also amps up your will to succeed, adding to the moment's sense of possibility.

The colors for this Full Moon are warm -- reds, oranges and yellows. Try putting colored crepe paper around regular glass jars, and put a votive inside.

I've tried this for parties, and it's an inexpensive way to create atmosphere. Seek out those friends that encourage you to shine. It's a moment to revel in what makes you You, while appreciating that spark in others. Have fun!