Full Moon in Pisces

Harvest Moon

This Moon's luminosity and power peaks in the sign of Pisces on September 15th (exact at 5:13 am EDT). A Pisces full Moon sensitizes us to the human plight, and the awareness that we're all united in some inexplicable way. It paints dreams with vivid symbols that seem to have a higher meaning. Strange things happen that spark that sense of wonder about the true nature of who you are. It's that feeling when you watch a movie, and are left awestruck, having been reminded that you're part of something otherworldly.

Intuition, telepathy, serendipity, imaginative journeys, exquisite feelings of Oneness -- all these are possible under this full Moon.

What happens when the zapping planet, Uranus, is added to that? Uranus in Pisces draws us into the mysteries of the collective ocean. There may be surprises that are unsettling, but cause a surge of feeling that has its own palpable power. The Moon-Uranus conjunction can jostle the collective (since Uranus is a generational planet) into coming together in the spiritual journey. If the mystics are right, and we are all bound together, all the pain of the world is felt in infinite caverns of the heart. There's an urgency and suddenness to Uranus that could trigger miracles of empathy and reaching out.

The chart shows the Moon-Uranus conjunction in opposition to Saturn and the Sun in Virgo. This helps you balance that ecstatic bliss with some Virgoan discernment and discipline.

Virgo in these upright planets helps you grasp in real terms, what part you can play in this global drama that's unfolding. Virgo doesn't mess around, honing right in on what's WRONG. Don't get stuck there, it's the process, and there may be a big purge or release under this full Moon. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, a symptom that you're bringing out the toxins!

On the personal level, Virgo helps you heal your personal tragedies, get your physical self in shape and kick addictions. Living with integrity gives you power, and the ability to know who you are in the great undulating mass of people. This full Moon has an anchoring in Virgo, causing you to use your resources well. Saturn is the planet of time, a limited resource, but one that helps you stay focused on the essentials. With the Virgo-Pisces axis highlighted, flexibility and morphing the pieces into a new shape moves you along the path of growth.

Pisces is the last sign when everything in both heaven and earth are integrated, and brought to completion. Since the Awakener (Uranus) is playing a starring role, it's as if we're being sped forward the path of evolution. As predicted, the demons are coming out, and there's poison in the collective thought stream. Into Fall, as Saturn lines up opposite Uranus exactly, we're being drawn into a force larger than ourselves. Sun and Saturn in Virgo help you refine yourself mind, body and soul, so you'll feel like you're part of the solution.

More people are thinking about the whole, and how our personal ways of being adds to the pain or to the healing of the world.

The Moon-Uranus square to Pluto in Sagittarius means that great leaps of perception and belief are possible. Pluto's last hoorah in truthseeking Sagittarius draws out the essence of what's going on. A whole new sense of reality is emerging, and it's coming not from receiving information, but from direct perception. What do you see? The way you view reality, is shaping reality itself! This square to Pluto can cause a sudden re-alignment to the emotional realities out there in the collective sea. We begin to shape reality around truth that has resonance at the deepest levels.

As if that weren't enough, a stellium (Mercury, Venus and Mars) in Libra adds the light of clear-vision. Situations can be seen in a balanced way, and the social mind, passions and actions aim toward finding harmony. It helps to see through narrow, skewed, or overly subjective opinions, when they're presented as fact.

It lends a little elevation and perspective. We're able to see the higher view, above the cacophony that we're subjected to, some say to keep the masses in a state of confusion.

The Mars square to Jupiter in Capricorn keeps the pressure on us to reach for solutions that will really work, not band aids. It presents opportunities for a busting out (the release of the tension of the square) through actions that bring new equilibrium. What's created has the potential to be solid, enduring and doesn't trash the environment. It may be laying the ground work for a new career, that would mean a saner, more balanced life. That ambition may now be geared toward contributing to the common good. On a global scale, we could see breakthrough inventions that harness the Earth's elements in a sustainable way.

It's a full Moon to receive guidance about your unique role in humanity's collective transition. You may also take action to heal emotional wounds (Pisces), which so often is a process that takes time and patience (Virgo). The other day, I was thinking about that bumper sticker, "Save the Humans," and how it's now an urgent call. Try to take some action that breaks through that mask of anonymity we wear so often in public. One thing I've noticed with alarm is how demoralized those in the service industry seem. This is a great full Moon to try to unfreeze others by smiling warmly. It doesn't always work, but that's okay, it's the trying that counts. This is a full Moon to remember that we're part of the human family, and take steps to heal the wounds that have come from living in a dehumanizing system.

Pay close attention to dreams and divine whisperings in your ear. But try not to let the imagination run wild on the latest dark rumor. The planets in signs of moderation (Virgo, Capricorn) help you rein in your focus, so that you work with what you've got, in your own garden. You're responsible for yourself first, and making sure your mental, physical and spiritual house is in order.

You can be re-created and take great leaps now. Don't let yourself be consumed with fear about the future. Staying flexible and open to higher wisdom shines light on the path immediately ahead.