Fun Date Ideas for College Students

Keeping Things Simple Lets You Relax and Enjoy

Couple smiling and walking along canal with bikes
Michael Heffernan / Getty Images

Being in college doesn't mean you're limited with ideas for fun dates. Even though finding the money, getting off campus, and being alone can seem complicated, these fun date ideas are easy to plan -- and enjoy.

  1. Mix up the dinner-and-a-movie tradition. Sure, dinner and a movie can be fun -- but it can also be expensive. Consider mixing it up by doing breakfast, brunch, or lunch and a movie. You'll save money on lunch vs. dinner and a matinee vs. a late night show. Additionally, you can still enjoy the rest of the day ... with each other, too, if things go well.
  2. Head to a museum with an interesting exhibit. You're both in college, meaning you both like to learn new things. Head to a museum with a new and interesting exhibit. You'll have time to talk and hang out while also doing something fun and relaxing.
  3. Think small and head to a concert. Tickets for your girlfriend's/boyfriend's favorite band are perhaps out of your budget. Instead, find a local band playing somewhere nearby. You'll have a more intimate experience, get to hear some great music, and still have a fun night out.
  4. Go for a classic at a not-so-classic place. Heading out for a nice dinner is a timeless date idea, but paying for a super nice meal often isn't in a college student's budget. Instead, mix it up by heading to a hole-in-the-wall place or even to a place that serves cuisine that is new for both of you. You'll have fun while exploring something new together.
  1. Do something your date is really into. Is your date really into dancing, for example? Consider heading to a dance troupe performance or even doing a one-time lesson of a kind of dance he or she has never done.
  2. Do something you're really into. Conversely, you might be really into something you're date has never experienced. If, for example, you're really into astronomy, consider taking your date out to a planetarium or even somewhere where you can show him or her your knowledge of the constellations once the stars come out.
  3. Do something new to both of you. Never taken a cooking class? A kayaking class? Sign up for a local (and usually cheap!) class that offers a one-time session for an hour or two. You'll have fun, learn something new, and definitely have something to laugh about later.
  4. Head to a farmers' market. Farmers' markets are nearly everywhere these days. Even if you don't have anything specific to buy (or a kitchen to store a ton of veggies in), the trip to the market, the time you spend walking around, and the conversation you can have about all the different foods, arts and crafts, etc., are all perfect ingredients for a fun date.
  1. Go see a musical, play, performance, etc., off campus. Even if you're at a huge public university, chances are you'll see someone one or both of you knows. Head off campus for some kind of show to make sure your date, well, really feels like a date.
  2. Do something physical if you both like being active. If both of you enjoy being active, don't be afraid to incorporate that into a date. You can go for a hike, volunteer somewhere, or otherwise do something fun and engaging outdoors.