Science Dating Ideas

These scientists are exploring chemistry on the lab bench.
Tom Young, Getty Images

So, you used your favorite chemistry pick-up line and secured a date who appreciates your love of science. Here's a look at some types of dates that might be perfect if your sweetie is a scientist or is interested in science. Dinner and movie are still a good plan, especially with the right movie, but here are some additional dating ideas.

Science Date Ideas

  1. Play a sport that involves science. Okay, so there is science in all sports, but bowling, billiards, and darts allow you to gauge momentum and consider trajectories and all that fun math stuff. Ice skating involves friction and angular momentum and possibly some experience with the effects of gravity. Skiing and sledding are also good choices, plus afterward, you get to snuggle up together to get warm again.
  2. Play a science board game together. My personal favorites are Nuclear War and its add-on, Nuclear Annihilation. Risk and chess are other great choices.
  3. Visit a museum, zoo, or planetarium, or catch a laser light show.
  4. Experiment with cryogenic materials together. Dipping flowers in liquid nitrogen is romantic, right? Pretty much anything involving liquid nitrogen or dry ice is fair game. If that sounds dangerous, you could always enjoy Dippin' Dots (dry ice temperature) ice cream together.
  5. Play with fire. You knew this would be on my list somewhere, right? Light off fireworks together or make your own. Make smores, but see if either or both of you can start the fire from scratch.
  6. Learn molecular gastronomy together. Grab a kit online or from a bookstore or follow along with videos online to prepare a meal that applies chemistry to make unusual food. You could also make interesting cocktails using the techniques.
  7. Play with a black light together. Check items around the house to see which ones glow when exposed to UV light. Explore science projects you can do using a black light.
  8. Grab a telescope and go stargazing. No telescope? Try binoculars or a camera with a zoom lens. If you do have a telescope, it's pretty easy to grab photos of your observations using a cell phone, so you can remember the date.
  9. Grow magic rocks. You can gaze into each other's eyes when you're not watching the pebbles grow into crystalline towers. Get a kit or make magic rocks from scratch.
  10. Break out the molecular model kit and make structures. If you don't have a kit, try using pretzels and gummy candies.
  11. Watch a movie. Surely you have a favorite science or science fiction movie! Bonus points if it's Star Wars and you dress like a character or bring a lightsaber.
  12. Break out the Lego set. Build together.
  13. Perform science experiments on real flowers. Flowers are romantic, right? Make a rainbow rose, a glow-in-the-dark flower, or simply color flowers using food coloring. You can perform paper chromatography on flowers to examine their pigments.
  14. Download and watch the very first episode of Doctor Who.
  15. Break out the paper and scissors. Cut out paper snowflakes. Make a Mobius strip. Make cute little hearts.
  16. Grow crystals. There are many household chemicals you can use to grow crystals. Rock candy or sugar crystals are the only ones you'll want to taste-test.
  17. Order a pizza and play video games. Note to guys: this is only a good date if you pick a game she also enjoys playing (not just watching).