Unique March Holidays and Fun Ways to Celebrate Them

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March's signature holiday may be St. Patrick's Day, but there are plenty of little-known holidays throughout the month. Unique holidays can be the most fun to celebrate. Add some fun learning opportunities to your school calendar this month by celebrating these unique March holidays.

Dr. Seuss Day (March 2) 

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, was born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts. Dr. Seuss wrote dozens of classic children’s books, including The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. Celebrate his birthday with some of the following ideas:

World Wildlife Day (March 3)

Celebrate World Wildlife Day by learning more about the creatures that inhabit our world.

  • Choose a unique animal to research. Use the library or online resources to discover facts such as where it lives; its habit; its life cycle and lifespan; what it eats; and what makes it unique.
  • Visit a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, or conservation center.
  • Define the words endangered and extinct. Discover some examples of each and learn what steps we can take to help preserve endangered species.

Oreo Cookie Day (March 6)

Oreo, the best-selling cookie in the United States, consists of two chocolate cookies with a sweet, cream filling. The most obvious way to celebrate Oreo Cookie Day is to grab a handful of cookies and a glass of milk for a tasty treat. You might also try some of the following:

Pi Day (March 14)

Math lovers, rejoice! Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 – 3.14 – each year. Mark the day by:

  • Answering the question, what is pi?
  • Reading Sir Conference and the Dragon of Pi.
  • Baking an actual pie.
  • Doing something special – eat your pie, throw confetti – at 1:59 p.m. to reinforce the fact that the actual value of pi is 3.14159…

World Storytelling Day (March 20)

World Storytelling Day celebrates the art of oral storytelling. Storytelling is much more than simply sharing facts. It’s weaving them into memorable tales that can be passed down from generation to generation.

  • Check with your local library to see if they have lined up any special guests for World Storytelling Day.
  • Invite your children’s grandparents to tell stories of their childhood. If the grandparents are stuck for ideas, try these storytelling suggestions.
  • Allow each of your family members to try their hand at storytelling.
  • Try some games to improve your storytelling technique.

Poetry Day (March 21)

Poems often trigger an emotional response, causing them to stay lodged in our memories for a lifetime. Writing poetry can be a wonderful emotional outlet. Try these ideas to celebrate Poetry Day:

  • Learn about different types of poetry, such as acrostic, Haiku, found poetry, couplets, etc.
  • Try writing a few different types of poems.
  • Choose a book or two of poetry to read from throughout the day.
  • Illustrate your favorite poem.
  • Try memorizing a new poem.
  • Learn about a famous poet.

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March 26)

Can’t find a holiday to suit you? Make up your own! Turn it into a learning opportunity for your homeschooled students by inviting them to write a paragraph describing their made-up holiday. Be sure to answer why and how it is celebrated. Then, commence celebrating!

Pencil Day (March 30)

Despite its obscure history, Pencil Day should be celebrated by homeschoolers worldwide – because who is better at losing pencils than we are? They disappear at an alarming rate rivaled only by single socks that disappear from the dryer. Celebrate Pencil Day by:

  • Going on a search and rescue mission for all the missing pencils in your home.
  • Learn about some notable pencil users.
  • Make a pencil cake.
  • Purchase pencils to donate to organizations who supply school supplies to needy children.

These little-known holidays can add an air of festivity to each week throughout the month. Have fun! 

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