10 Fun Widgets For Your Blog

Great Blog Widgets for Adding Bling to Your Blog

Blog widgets can be productive and provide utility. They can also be very entertaining. These fun widgets are sure to entertain your readers and allow you to express your personality. So add a little bling to your blog with these blog widgets.

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Funny Quotes

Fun Widgets - Funny Quotes
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Description: 9.3 times out of 11.78, simpler is better. Funny Quotes is a simple blog widget that displays humorous quotes to your visitors. It can also be quite addicting flipping through the quotes, so if you install this widget, you might want to use caution when visiting your blog at work.

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Etch A Sketch

Fun Widgets - Etch-a-Sketch
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Description: Here's a real blast from the past. Get your own Etch A Sketch for your blog and let your visitors draw to their hearts content.

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Magic 8-ball

Fun Widgets - Magic 8-Ball
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Description: Who says you can't help your readers out with a little bit of creative problem solving? This 8-ball is not only attractive, but it's also magical, and is able to answer any question posed to it. This is a great blog widget for those that want to put a little nostalgia into their blog.

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The Official Dilbert Widget

Fun Widgets - Dilbert
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Description: Turn your sidebar into a comic strip with the Official Dilbert Widget. Everyone's favorite office cartoon will provide a nice distraction for your readers. The only downside: Trying to compete with Dilbert by writing something interesting enough for your visitors to read your stuff instead of just laughing about Dilbert.

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Secret Message Scratch Card

Blog Widgets - Scratch Card
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Description: What would happen if you pulled a widget out of a box of cereal? You might get something like the secret message scratch card widget where you can write a secret message and your readers can reveal it by scratching around with a penny.

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Cool Site of the Day

Blog Widgets - Cool Site of the Day
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Description: A neat little blog widget that pulls up a posting of the cool site of the day. This is a great way to introduce your readers to interesting spots around the web.

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Fun Widgets - Roaches
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Description: Bring your blog to life with this widget. Unfortunately, the lifeform happens to be a pack of roaches that readers can scare away with their mouse pointer.

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YouTube Recently Featured Videos

Blog Widgets - Youtube
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Description: Nothing says you've made it like your own television station. And, while that might take a while to come true, you can at least have popular YouTube videos on display on your site with this blog widget.

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Text Scroller

Fun Widgets - Text Scroller
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Description: Caution! You have entered the dangerous land of text-scrolling. One half fun, one half annoying, the text scroller should only be used in emergencies. A great way to celebrate an event on your blog, but avoid keeping it there forever.

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