The Craziness of Funky Art Makes No Apologies!

Outlandish Funky Art Makes No Apologies!

Funky Art of Warhol Portrait
Andy Warhol Funky Portrait by Himself. Getty

The craziness of Funky Art Makes No Apologies with its freedom of self-expression.

Art has always been a method of self-expression for artists.  A piece of artwork can evoke all kinds of emotions from “Wow!” to “Whoa!”  The emotions are endless.  Of course, some artworks arouse people’s curiosity and go, “That’s strange! What is that?”  This is usually the outlandish kind of art called funky art or funk art.

Funky Art? What is That?

Have you seen a piece of artwork that is made of junk materials?  Have you seen a collage that is made of bottles or bottle caps?  Funk artists have such vivid, bizarre, and extraordinary imagination.  If you can make art from bottles, then you can create a funky piece.  This movement promotes the use of bright, bold colors.  It combines different images to create abstract self-expressionism.

Funky art helps artists break away from the conventional and the traditional

It encourages artists to choose what they want to do.  It gives them the courage to be themselves in a field where tradition has always been revered.  This movement is not just about the use of colors.  It moves beyond the piece of traditional art and onto the artist and his capacity to be creative and innovative.  The work can be beautiful, inspiring, shocking, disconcerting – or yes, even disgusting.

  It aims to evoke honest reactions.

Deserving Its Own Classification

Since the early 1920’s, the word “funky” has always been jargon used to describe anything unsophisticated, unpredictable, unconventional and outrageous.  As a form of art, it cannot fit into the minimalist classification.  It is just too messy to be minimal.


Although it can be abstract, it is too representational to fit the description

It is too avant-garde and quirky to be regarded as serious art.  Thus, it deserves its own classification. It stands on its own.  Funk art is bizarre, sensuous, and sometimes even ugly and shocking to ever be traditional.  You don’t need to have a degree in Art in order to know that you’re staring at a piece of unusual or irregular piece of art.  You’d recognize it as soon as you see it.  It’s naïve, eccentric, and vulgar.  It’s vivid and wild.

Funky art isn’t apologetic.  It screams the message of the artist

  If it makes you uncomfortable, so be it.  It’s a painting of an old man sticking out its tongue on you.  It’s a digital picture of a kangaroo wearing a yellow jacket, a sombrero, and a pair of sunglasses. It’s a painting of two large pink skulls staring at each other.  You may not know what the artists are trying to convey, but it cannot be denied that these pieces reflect the personal, political, or even spiritual beliefs of the artists.  For years, it served as a form of protest against capitalism, wars, discrimination, and consumption.  It is a collective objection that stirs responses from its audience.

Growing in Popularity

Once upon a time, there were only a few artists who were brave enough to be unconventional.  Weird and funky were hardly the word that would inspire admiration in the world of art.  Bruce Conner was one of them.  His assemblage pieces involved the use of discarded materials like nylon and twine.  His pieces revolve largely around his disenchantment with the world as a whole.  Wally Hedrick was praised for being “ahead of his time”.  He mainly experimented with kinetic sculpture. 

Nowadays, there are countless funky artists around the world

The truth is you can make your own artwork.  You can get just as funky as anyone.  Express your opinions, thoughts, and emotions in a way that will inspire people.  Maybe they’ll give your work a good look.  They may not like what they see, but you’ll definitely create an impression on them.


You Can Do It Yourself

You don’t need to study to be able to make a piece of funk art.  It doesn’t have strict rules or conventional styles.  You only need to listen to your own thoughts and emotions.  Listen to what compels you to be creative and create your masterpiece.  Often, funky pieces are characterized by bold lines and colors.  Not surprisingly, the artworks can easily jump off a page. To have a little fun, get an old pair of Grandma's shoes, a few cans of spray-paint in the brightest colors you can find; mask a few spots with paper or anything you can find -- then start spraying. I know you will create some wonderful funky shoes that Grandma will love!

Try doing a quick Google search of the words “funk art,” and you’d find hundreds of artworks that are just too amazing for words.  Although there are two-dimensional pieces, you’d find creations that can make you go, “Wow!  Just look at that!”  Of course, there are the occasional pieces that can have you feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. 

Yes, you can literally feel ill-at-ease by just looking at some of these unusual pieces.  If you aren’t sure where to start, why not start with your own personal stuff.  Why not create a fantastically wacky pair of shoes? Yeah, get a pair of your old sunglasses, get a can or two of luminous paint, then spray one side a bright color then the other a different color, mask half of it then wear a funky hat, spray that -- and you can start a funky trend! It might even go viral!

Perhaps, you’re thinking, “Are there rules I need to observe?”  The answer is a resounding no.

  Funky art is for your inner artist, the one struggling to express himself without worrying about other people’s opinion.  There are no rules to follow. 

You don’t have to be a Picasso or a Frida Kahlo

You don’t have to be brilliant at it.  You don’t even have to be good at drawing, sketching, or painting.  Forget about all these worries and just start creating something.  Express what’s in your mind.  Scream your beliefs through your creations and rebel against the tradition.

The process of creating funky art is incredibly liberating.  Try it a see! It is crazy cool too!  You will likely amaze yourself with what you can come up with if you would only allow yourself just to let go.  This form of art is purely improvisational.  It is often unscripted.  It is only guided by your own thoughts and the desire to express these ideas through bold colors and wild imagery.

Sometimes, there is no deep meaning to a piece of funky art.  Sometimes, it’s just fun to do.  It’s cool and playful.  So, the next time you find yourself wondering why the artist drew a giraffe wearing a pair of white ballerina shoes, just enjoy the piece.  Perhaps, it’s just fun to do, and sometimes that’s all there is to it.

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