Wait, What?! 15 of the Funniest Bad Lip Readings on YouTube

Read my lips: This is funny stuff!

Bad Lip Readings (BLR) are the brainchild of an anonymous music producer who decided to have a little fun with reading lips... badly. The mysterious BLR producer told Rolling Stone magazine that he got the idea for bad lip readings when his mother went deaf and mastered the art of reading lips, yet he could never get the hang of it. He started uploading badly-dubbed videos of popular music videos, political ads, and movie clips to his YouTube channel, and BLR on YouTube was born.

BLR started with a simple video spoofing Rebecca Black's widely-panned pop stinker "Friday." More parodies and about a zillion YouTube views followed. Their annual NFL videos and political debate BLRs are some of their most popular clips, but there are many hilarious videos to choose from on their channel. Here are fifteen of the best bad lip readings so far.

"DEBATE NIGHT!" — A Bad Lip Reading of the first 2016 Presidential Debate

Trump Clinton debate bad lip reading
Via YouTube/Bad Lip Reading.

Political debates are always 100% better when viewed as BLRs, but the 2016 debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was even more amazing than usual! Truly a thing of beauty.

"NFL 2016: Part One" — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

Via YouTube/BLR.

With going-on 10 million views in its first few weeks online, all signs point to this being their most popular NFL BLR to date.

Best Line: "We'll fight y'all on Tiger Mountain!" 

"STAR WARS: A Bad Lip Reading"

Via YouTube/BLR.

Okay, they FINALLY did a Star Wars BLR! All of your favorites are here: Obi Wan, Luke, Leia, Han Solo and Darth Vader, who has a bad habit of sending "helmet pics" to his daughter. Ew.

By far the funniest part of this spoof has to be Chewbacca's voice. You'll know what I mean when you hear it.

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Via YouTube/BLR.

Game of Thrones gets the BLR treatment; you'll never look at the Mother of Dragons the same way again.


Via YouTube/BLR.

All of the BLRs for everybody's favorite post zombie-apocalypse television show are funny, but this one for Season 4 of The Walking Dead is arguably the best. It has racked up over 15 million YouTube views to date.


Via YouTube/BLR.

This Avengers video is part parody, part bad lip reading. The redneck-theme imagines what would happen if the Avengers were living, loving, and fighting crime in rural Oklahoma.

"Eye Of The Sparrow"

This video was the first of the BLR political clips. It is a musical version of the first 2012 U.S. Presidential debates, and while it's all funny, the bizarre Jim Lehrer solo at the end is absolutely pricelss!

Romney, speaking about moderator Jim Lehrer, "That dude's the sickest. We hate him."

"The Hunger Games" Bad Lip Reading

Courtesy: badlipreading.tumblr.

The popular book/movie series gets the BLR treatment in this clip, taken from the first movie of the trilogy.

"He barfed on a sailor like a pig!"

"Kicked Your Monkey" - A Bad Lip Reading of Gotye's "Somebody I Used To Know"

Courtesy: badlipreading.tumblr.

Favorite quote:

I'd like to glue a tiny mustache on your cat on Wednesdays."

"Gang Fight," - "Friday" As Interpreted by a Bad Lip Reader

Courtesy: badlipreading.tumblr.

This is the video that started it all! This spoof of Rebecca Black's "Friday" went so viral that the BLR creators decided to make more of these funny videos. See? "Friday" was good for something.

Favorite quote:
"Chicken for us to eat. Yeah."

"Edward & Bella," a Bad Lip Reading of "Twilight"

Courtesy: badlipreading.tumblr.

Favorite quote:
"You slapped a fish!"

"NFL 2015" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

Via YouTube/BadLipReading.

With almost 35 million views, it's clear that these NFL BLRs are here to stay.

"Everybody Poops" - A Bad Lip Reading of The Blackeyed Peas

Courtesy: badlipreading.tumblr.

The Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow" doesn't make any sense to start with, so when you add bad lip readings, it gets even more cray-cray.

"Everybody poops, and if they don't, they're an android, and should be destroyed."

"Selina Meyer" - A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite of VEEP on HBO

Courtesy: badlipreading.tumblr.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays a ditzy Vice President on the HBO show VEEP. Here she is getting a BLR in a promo for the show.

"I'm a sneaky model, and I poo into my sheets."

"Beard With Glue" - A Bad Lip Reading of "You're Beautiful," by James Blunt

Courtesy: badlipreading.tumblr.

Favorite quote:

The bullfrog hates you."

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