15 of the Funniest Post-Anesthesia Videos Ever

I'll have what they're having!

Having surgery isn't any fun. However, watching people recover from the heavy drugs they use during surgery is definitely a lot of fun! Where else can you see a normally sane young woman go on and on about riding a magical unicorn, or witness a grown man get strangely weepy over the idea of riding a Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney Land?

Here are the funniest post-anesthesia videos ever uploaded.

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Hilarious Kid Wakes Up After Surgery


After having surgery to repair a broken arm, this little boy has a lot to say. 

"I feel good.  I feel dizzy. Why do I feel dizz-aaaay?" he asks drowsily.  Then, as if he decides that he likes the sound of that word, he tries it out a few more times.

"Dizz-ay. Dizzzzay.  Dizz-ayyyyy."

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Kelly's Wisdom Teeth Aftermath


Meet Kelly. Kelly likes to talk... a lot.  Too bad you really can't understand a word that comes out of her cotton-packed mouth.

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Zombie Attack Prank | Wisdom Teeth Surgery Trip

post anesthesia zombie prank
Via YouTube/JukinVideo.

When their little sister gets her wisdom teeth removed, these big brothers decided to pull an epic prank on her; They manage to convince the heavily sedated girl that they're in the midst of a zombie apocalypse!

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Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth


This video is one of the most famous post-anesthesia videos out there, featuring a very funny girl who feels like, "a unicorn just took me on a ride to a magical palace, to the land of the blueberries."

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David After Dentist


Even "Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth" is still not as famous as this clip.  "David After Dentist" was YouTube’s second most-watched video in 2009, securing David a place as one of the internet's most famous kids

Five years after this video went hugely viral online, Joseph Gordon Levitt did a must-watch faux movie adaptation of this meme on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Best lines: "Is this real life? Is this going to be forever?"

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This Kid Broke His Arm; Found It Hilarious


This teenager broke his arm playing hockey and had to have the arm re-broken and set. Thanks to the power of anesthesia, this young man handled the pain by laughing for four minutes straight, stopping only to occasionally make observations such as, "I sound like the Joker!"

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Alex After Anesthesia


Poor Alex just wants to go to Disney Land to ride Buzz Lightyear.

This video, which was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, shows the ride home after Alex had oral surgery.  He alternates between giggly and weepy, and seems to forget even things near and dear to his heart, like Jamba Juice.

"What's a smoothie?" he asks pathetically.  Aw.

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Girl Thinks She Goes To Hogwarts


Anesthesia does strange things to some people.  This girl woke up thinking she is a student at Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series.

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Brother and Sister Ride Home


Apparently their parents got some kind of weird two-for-one deal, because this brother and sister had their surgeries together and were videotaped while driving to their hotel room to recover.

Both teenagers are hilarious, but the dazed and drooling brother particularly cracks me up!

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I'm A NASCAR Driver


This poor, delusional girl woke up thinking that she is sore because she crashed her NASCAR car during a race.  Because she's a NASCAR driver.

The human mind is a powerful and scary thing.

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Girl Desperate To Be Nicki Minaj


All she wanted was to wake up and be Nicki Minaj.  Is that so much to ask? 

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Julie and the Deathly Surgeon (Original)

Via YouTube.

Julie here just woke up from surgery... OR DID SHE?

Maybe it's paranoia (it is), but Julie cannot be convinced that her wisdom teeth were really removed. She doesn't even remember falling asleep, after all. 

"Don't let them charge us!" She whispers. It's a conspiracy!

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WISDOM TEETH by Nash Greer

Via YouTube.

YouTuber Nash Greer recorded the car ride home after having his wisdom teeth removed, and he's funny even when doped up out of his mind!

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Jack After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Via YouTube.

Watch as this teenager regresses to about age 8 before your very eyes! 

Well, at least he's a happy "drunk!"

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Bonus Video: Cats After Anesthesia


Why should humans have all the fun?  This is the internet, where cats pretty much rule teh skool. (I apologize.)

Seriously, though, if watching these cute little kittens go lurching towards their food dishes like a couple of drugged-out zombies doesn't warm your cold, dead heart, nothing will.

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