The 20 Funniest Vampire and Zombie Clips on Youtube

Laugh in the face of the fearsome.

Vampires. Zombies. They're the pirates and ninjas of the monster world, massively popular yet very divisive. Tween girls and Joss Whedon fanboys go crazy for the fangs, while gamers and George Romero devotees go for the shuffling hordes. And almost everybody gets a kick out of one or the other.

Both creatures have been used as comedy fodder on the silver screen, with zombies and vampires enjoying equal amounts of success. (Go ahead; blame Twilight). Here are 20 very funny zombie and vampire offerings from the smallest screen, YouTube.

Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Prank (SA Wardega)

zombie prank video
Via YouTube/SA Wardega.

There's a reason why more than 47 million zombie-lovers have watched this ultimate zombie prank video to date: It's really, really well done. This 3 minute mini-movie is scary enough to be confused with a clip from The Walking Dead.

Vampire in Philly Prank

Vampire prank
Via YouTube/Ed Bassmaster.

Another prank video uses vampires instead of zombies to get big scares... and big laughs.  Excellent production value and makeup elevates this clip above most YouTube offerings.

Come for the jump starts, stay for the hilariously oblivious vampire.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Vampire Death

If you're like me, you mostly remember being legitimately scared by "Are You Afraid of the Dark", just after being legitimately scared in a different way by "Roundhouse". But now, 15 years later, we can look back and laugh. Laugh at things like this vampire doing a wacky dance before turning into a dummy and falling off a building.

Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter

You might have trouble finding the 2001 cult film Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter at your local Blockbuster. Especially since your local Blockbuster just closed. But you can enjoy the hilarious, pitch-perfect trailer on YouTube.

Deleted "Twilight" Sex Scene

Vampires and mortals are forbidden from making love. But that doesn't mean they can't have a good time, right? Much like evangelical Christians before him, this vampire discovers a way to skirt the moral codes that guide him.

Eddie Izzard on Vampires

What's better than Eddie Izzard making jokes about vampires? Eddie Izzard's vampire jokes brought to life with stop-motion Lego animation.

Nosferatu Dancing to Lady Gaga

What's the only thing creepier than Max Schreck's depiction of Nosferatu in F.W. Murnau's 1922 silent film classic? Lady Gaga, of course. So what could be more terrifyingly appropriate than Count Orlok himself getting down to "Poker Face"?

Batman vs. Dracula

Even accounting for the fact that its title is "Batman vs. Dracula", this fantastic line-drawing cartoon is absolutely bizarre. Although it seems more normal if one accounts for it coming from the former Soviet Union.

Dracula and the Pre-Med Student Episode 1 (Part 1)

Dracula has always served as a metaphorical representation of our deepest fears. But in this web series, he becomes one of our greatest real-life annoyances: a bad roommate.

Episode 1 (Part 2)
Episode 2

Vampire Reunion

Pop culture's most famous vampires hold a summit, but there's some friction in the group as Dracula's agenda for pure terror gets derailed by today's softer, cuddlier undead.

Vampire Prevention Win

This small town will do whatever it takes to keep vampires away. No, it's not a new fall series on FX. This is a real local newscast. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Van Helsing.

Gay Zombie

Most of the time zombies want to kill you and eat your brains, but the bites of this film's zombies spread homosexuality. It's kind of a good allegory for the Republican party's view of 21st century America.

What To Do in a Zombie Attack

This parody of 1950s educational/propaganda films shows how to handle the inevitable end result of communism: hordes of zombies. Any God-fearing capitalist suburban family can handle an infestation with these easy tips.

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

Isn't this zombie boy saying what we're all thinking? Don't we all, at heart, like turtles?

Naked Ape - Fashion Freak

The power of catchy electronic music causes these well-proportioned female zombies to wash Swedish band Naked Ape's car. Highly disturbing. Just like Swedish things should be.

Zombies Doing Yoga

Dozens of volunteer zombies show up in Williamsburg to get their Yoga on in a stunt promotion for the book "The Zen of Zombie". No limbs snapped off accidentally, this time at least.

Bush vs. Zombies

After protecting us from terrorists, George W. Bush moves on to the next lethal thread to the American people and the world: Zombies. Featuring President Bush as himself and some very slick editing.

Lego City Zombie Infection

We saw Lego vampires, so why not Lego zombies? That's right, you can't think of a single damn reason. Watch the drama unfold as a medical accident leads to zombies taking over Lego City.

Pocky Zombies

In this commercial for Japanese… food… thing… Pocky, zombies are just as terror-inducing as you'd expect. But not really that much of a threat, it turns out. Unless you hate

great taste!

Nazi Zombies

Do zombies carry traits from their human lives into their undead manifestations? And is it really worth worrying about when there's all these zombies around trying to kill you?

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