15 Very Funny (and Addictive!) YouTube Channels

These 15 YouTubers are producing some truly funny viral videos

If you love web humor videos, you might want to subscribe to these five super-funny YouTube channels. From musical parodies to pranks and drunken instructional videos, these sites have what it takes to tickle your funny bone.

Good Mythical Morning logo
Via YouTube/GoodMythicalMorning.

"Internetainers" Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal III are no strangers to internet stardom or the art of making viral videos. Their Rhett and Link channel has millions of subscribers and features some famous clips you've no doubt run across since they started uploading in 2010. Good Mythical Morning is their daily talk show offering, and it's a must-watch if you enjoy hearing a comedic take on daily news, events, and pop culture happenings. More »

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FailArmy Logo
Via YouTube/FailArmy.

Like Break, FailArmy specializes in bring user-submitted fail videos to a large audience of fans.  Let's face it; we all enjoy a good fail picture or video once in awhile, right? There's just something funny about watching people fall down, make stupid mistakes, or just plain act like they're not the sharpest tools in the shed. FailArmy brings those fails directly to you every day.  Their fail compilation videos are especially funny, and perfect for those of us with, ahem, short attention spans.

Oh look, something shiny! More »

Courtesy: Screen Junkies.

Screen Junkies is a miniature entertainment show that manages to bring in big-name talent to the smallest screen. Their so-called "warp take on film & TV" and "steady stream of pop culture parody, original series and thoughtful commentary" really set them apart from other channels.

One of the funniest Screen Junkies videos are their Honest Movie Trailers. These must-see versions of famous movie trailers, edited with "honest" commentary, have been taking the internet by force. Their Game of Thrones Honest Movie Trailer has been viewed over 31 million times to date!

You can check out a few of our favorites here: 6 Funny Honest Movie Trailers More »

CollegeHumor Logo
Via CollegeHumor.

CollegeHumor is one of the best humor sites on the web, so it makes sense that they've since moved their very funny original videos over to a YouTube channel. You've probably already seen a few of their viral videos online; the excellent "If Google Were A Guy" video and "Why Can't There Be A Black Storm Trooper" videos have been viewed (and laughed at) tens of millions of times.

Check out: The 25 Best College Humor Videos. More »

Courtesy: The Key of Awesome.

If you love parody videos of famous songs, this channel is for you! This musical comedy show lampoons celebrities, pop-culture, and internet memes with cutting satire and high quality production skills.

Perhaps my favorite Key of Awesome parody is their take on Kesha's smash hit, "Tik Tok." Theirs is called "Glitter Puke" and features a look-alike (and sound-alike) lead singer who completely nails her Kesha impersonation. 

Click here to see 10 Super Funny Music Parody Videos By The Key Of Awesome. More »

Via YouTube.

This digital comedy network features "some of the best short form comedy series and videos on the web." The network is a member of the Broadway Video group, the company which produces some of your favorite funny shows like Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night, Portlandia, and 30 Rock.

Between the celebrity cameos, of which there are many, and their fresh, irreverent humor, this channel is sure to give you a chuckle.

Here are 5 Hilarious Videos From The 'Above Average' YouTube Channel to get you started. More »

Funny Or Die Logo
Via Funny Or Die.

Funny Or Die is another internet humor staple! Their hilarious original sketches are almost always populated by big-time movie stars and stand up comedians. Whether it's famous clips like their "Between Two Ferns" videos, starring Zach Galifinakis, or their political videos like "Mexican Donald Trump with George Lopez," there is literally something funny for ever viewer here. More »

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The Onion Logo
The Onion Logo.

The Onion is a web humor staple, and their YouTube channel is just as goofy and hilarious as their own special satirical brand of news stories. Their channel features news parodies, entertainment clips, and original series likes "Mothershould," featuring Mommy Blogger Grace Manning-Devlin. More »

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon, an SNL alum, is certainly no stranger to producing very funny video segments. His ability to coerce famous celebrities into acting extremely silly on live television is virtually unmatched! 

Check out a few of Fallon's Tonight Show video clips that went seriously viral right here. More »

Bad Lip Reading
Via Bad Lip Reading.

The premise here is simple: Take clips from famous movies and dub over the dialogue with rambling, ridiculously funny bad lip readings! Movies, politics, and sports have NEVER been this funny.

Don't believe me? Take a look at some of our favorite BLRs here: Wait, What?! 15 of the Funniest Bad Lip Readings on YouTube More »

Courtesy: Jenna Marbles.

Jenna Marbles is the pseudonym of entertainer Jenna Mourey, a California girl who hit it big with her video, "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking." This two minute clip of Jenna wryly calling herself ugly and piling on make up to give "the illusion of hotness" got over 5.3 million views in its first week on YouTube. Since then, Marbles has been cranking out videos every week, and with over 16 million subscribers, hers is one of the most popular channels on all of YouTube.

Take a look at the Top 10 Most Hilarious Jenna Marbles Videos! More »

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Courtesy: Break.

Break features fail, pranks, and other funny videos every day. If you're into seeing people fall over, drop toddlers, do ill-advised Parkour moves, and generally just fail miserably at life, you will love Break's popular YouTube channel. They also put together great compilation fail videos. More »


Chances are, you've seen a Tripp and Tyler sketch on your Facebook feed and didn't even realize it! The comedy duo's playful look at life, manners, and office etiquette are always popular and widely shared on social sites. Their excellent "Conference Call in Real Life" seems to have been made especially for us office dwellers who are always getting lassoed into endless meetings and conference calls!

See that clip and more right hereMore »

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Courtesy: MyHarto Channel.

Hannah Hart is funny. Really, really funny. You might have already stumbled upon one of her popular My Drunk Kitchen videos, wherein she hilariously demonstrates how to prepare things like tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, and macaroni salad, while tossing back liquor like there's no tomorrow. By the end of these brief videos, Hart is sloshed and sloppy, and the food she creates looks barely edible, but hey, we all had fun, so it was worth it.

Aside from her questionable cooking techniques, Hart has also been giving “advice” on everything from "How To Trick Yourself Into Being Productive" to "My Drunk New Year's Makeup Tutorial." She presents a brand new video every Thursday, so be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss a second. More »

Rooster Teeth Logo
Via YouTube/RoosterTeeth.

Rooster Teeth is not just a couple of dudes in a basement producing videos for YouTube (Not that there's anything wrong with that).  This is a full-fledged production company that specializes in live action shorts, comedy gaming, animation, and machinima (films created in real-time video game environments). More »

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