20 Funny Baby Costumes That Won Halloween

The search for the funniest kids' costumes is over.

What do you get when you combine creative parents with adorable babies who have no say in the choice of clothing that their parents put them in?  Hilarious Halloween costumes, that's what.

All twenty of the kids on this list are totally rocking their costumes, whether they're store-bought, homemade, or just kind of slapped together using items found around the house. Maybe they'll even become internet famous, like these other little kids. Could these fabulously-costumed babies become the next Business baby or Pajama Kid?  Only time will tell.  

In the meantime, they all very much nailed it with their clever, funny costumes this year.  Everybody can go home now, because these babies won Halloween.

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Via Costume Works.

You might remember Chucky as that murderous knife-wielding doll from the Child's Play movie series. Well, check out this kid.  He totally nailed it, right down to the slightly maniacal gleam in his eyes.

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Via Pinterest.

The itty bitty walker makes it!

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Via Littlethings.com.

The baby formerly known as Prince will entertain you now. "Let's go crazy!"

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Via Firewireblog.

I love his little drawn-on tattoo.  At least, I hope it's drawn-on.

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Via Huffington Post.

Those sideburns! Sadly, the spit-up on this little fellow's chin does add a bit of authenticity when you consider the King's later years.

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Via Costume Works.

This little dude is definitely a "Little Lebowski Urban Achiever."

Being "The Dude" (from the Coen Brothers' cult classic movie, The Big Lebowski) isn't easy, but dressing like him sure is.

Via Firewireblog.

Complete with some very sweet "happy little trees."

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Mr. T

Via Firewireblog.

I pity the fool who doesn't think this costume is hilarious.

Via Firewireblog.

This poor kid has no idea why his parents strapped him to this board so that everyone at the Halloween party could laugh at him, but we're certainly glad they did.  Maybe he'll get a nice treat for wearing that nasty-looking face mask.  Perhaps some fava beans, and a nice chianti?

Via Costume Works.

This girl is ripped!  Wonder how much she can bench press.

Via Costume Pop.

The look on this baby's face says it all!  Specifically, it says, "How did I end up wearing a Triscuit box on the internet?"

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Via Costume Works.

Everyone's favorite hyperactive aerobics instructor has never looked this cute.  Seriously, never.

Via Costume Works.

Remember when the Stay-Puft marshmallow man crushed New York City in Ghostbusters?  Well, this kid definitely doesn't, but obviously his awesome parents do.

Via SunnySkyz.

Bonus points for the white eyebrows!

Photo Credit: Alexis ColladoVia Huffington Post.

Check out these twin boys doing a mean impression of Axl Rose and Slash from Guns 'n Roses.

Photo Credit: Katie McCoyVia Huffington Post.

As far as homemade costumes go, this one wins for its creativity and simplicity.  That wig and mustache combo is straight up awesome.

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Via Pinterest.

It's simple, it's low-budge, and this baby will some day look at this picture and wonder what the heck his parents were thinking. Perfect!

Photo Credit: Kat RobbVia Huffington Post.

Ironic hipster baby was dressing up for Halloween before it was cool, you guys.

Photo credit: CharactermVia Huffington Post.

Those googly eyes!  No, not the baby's the lobster's.

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Via Pinterest.

This baby looks pretty content to be a volley ball!  For his part, Tom Hanks's Castaway companion "Wilson" has never looked this cute.