5 Funny Blogs That Understand Your Working Woes

When it comes to complaining about work, misery loves company.

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"Looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays!"

That's a line from the quintessential comedy about working in a modern office: Office SpaceThis movie somehow manages to be hilarious while simultaneously capturing what it's like to be a cubicle-dwelling nine-to-fiver, scurrying through the rat race in search of that elusive cheese. Anyone who has ever held down a job knows how frustrating it can be to work with oddball coworkers, demanding clients, impossible expectations, inadequate pay, and horrible bosses.  But take heart, you're not alone.  In fact, here are five very funny blogs that prove that just about everyone has to put up with a little aggravation in order to bring home the bacon.

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Clients From Hell

Via clientsfromhell.net.

Clients From Hell posts daily reminders about how difficult it can be to work with clients who often don't know the first thing about what it is that they've hired you to do.  As usual, not knowing anything about a subject doesn't stop some clients from thinking they know what's best, telling you you're bad at your job, or simply refusing to pay after you've produced the work.

This blog is a must for anyone who has ever freelanced in a creative capacity, specifically graphic design, photography, or writing.  The examples you'll read on CFH might sometimes make your blood boil, but you'll also find yourself laughing over the ridiculous questions posed by people who still haven't quite mastered how to reboot their computers, but still feel qualified to complain or criticize the pros.

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Passive Aggressive Notes

Via passiveaggressivenotes.com.

Passive Aggressive Notes is one of those gold star blogs that has been around for a long time.  It's in the same network as perennial favorites like Lamebook and Regretsy, and they frequently put out books and calendars based on the popular blog.

The best passive aggressive notes tend to come from work places.  The nasty notes left in the communal fridge, the notes stuck to the water cooler "reminding" you to refill it, and so forth, all tend to strike a chord with those of us who've shared space with coworkers.  A word of warning, however; this blog is totally addictive.

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FML: Work Edition

Via fmylife.com/work.

FML, which is internet slang for "F*ck My Life," is a great user-submitted blog that covers many different categories, from "love" to "health" to "animals."  There's also a page dedicated to "Work," and this is where the craziest tales of downtrodden worker bees are collected.  These bite-sized blurbs are often cringeworthy, as with the guy who was caught absent-mindedly licking his fingers while making a customer a sandwich, but most of these tales are just plain funny and relatable. 

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Not Always Right

Via notalwaysright.com.

Based on that old retail chestnut, "The customer is always right," this blog is very similar to Clients From Hell in format and in style.  Each user-submitted anecdote deals with how difficult it can be to service customers, and how guess what?  The customer is

not always right.  Sometimes, they're blatantly wrong.

always right.  Sometimes, they're blatantly wrong.

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Work Rant

work rant
Via Workrant.com.

 As the name implies, Work Rant is an "anonymous sounding board" where people can submit funny stories about their crazy work lives. If you enjoy reading other people's angry ravings about their jerk bosses, this site will be right up your alley. Bonus: It's updated frequently.

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BONUS BLOG: Sad Desk Lunch

Via Saddesklunch.com.

This blog isn't technically about work, but it is about how sad it is that the majority of employees eat their pathetic cold leftovers while hunched over their desks, at work. We've all been there; you know you won't have time to go out for lunch, so you scrounge through your fridge looking for the least scummy Tupperware container of leftovers to take in for your work lunch.  Next thing you know, you're eating a "sad desk lunch" that hopefully tastes better than it looks.

According to the "Sad Desk Lunch" Tumblr blog, "62% of American office workers usually eat their lunch in the same spot they work all day," so see?  You're in good company. This blog is heavy on photos, light on text.  Readers can send in their own photos of their pathetic leftover lunches too, because in this case, misery definitely loves company.

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