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View funny Obama videos, including spoof videos, late-night TV clips, and other funny videos inspired by President Barack Obama from the early years of his presidency.

Obama Shines as Comedian in Chief at White House Correspondents' Dinner;

President Barack Obama speaks at the annual White House Correspondent's Association Gala
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President Obama and Jay Leno jockeyed for laughs at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in a battle of comedic talents that left Leno looking like an amateur hack.

Top 10 Reasons Obama Agreed To Appear On David Letterman

During Obama's first appearance as president on the "Late Show," Letterman presented the "Top 10 Reasons Obama Agreed To Appear On David Letterman." #2: "Said 'yes' without Bush did with Iraq."

Obama Calls Kanye West A 'Jackass'

President Obama calls Kanye West a "jackass" for interrupting Taylor's Swfit's MTV awards acceptance speech.

JibJab Presents Obama the Superhero

A spoof video portraying President Obama as a superhero saving the world, set to the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home."

John Hodgman Declares Obama A Nerd

Comedian John Hodgman teases President Obama by calling him the "First Nerd President" and saying he hopes Obama can solve the age-old conflict between nerds and jocks.

Obama Draws Big Laughs at Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner

A month after his comedic debut at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, President Obama skewered the media in another stand-up routine at the Radio and TV Correspondents dinner. "The jokes may not be as good," Obama quipped, "but neither is the guest list."

Obama Kills Fly Like a Ninja

A remixed version of Ninja Obama killing a fly with his bare hands.

President Obama Orders Colbert to Shave Head

Under direct orders from Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama, General Ray Odierno shaves Stephen Colbert's head.

Obama Endorses Conan's Tonight Show

President Obama delivers a special message declaring that Conan O'Brien will do an "outstanding job" at host of "The Tonight Show," but warns him he won't get a bailout if he screws it up.

Obama Brings Down the House at White House Correspondents' Dinner

President Obama poked fun at himself and the Washington establishment in one of the edgiest comic performances a president has ever given at the annual White House Corespondents' Dinner.

Obama Cracks Jokes on Leno Show, Rolls Gutter Ball

Barack Obama makes history as the first sitting president to appear on a late-night comedy show. Watch Obama's complete interview with Jay Leno, including his unfortunate joke about the Special Olympics.

Obama's Elf

This video is possibly the worst pun of all time.

SNL: Obama Plays It Cool

Barack is one cool cat.

Barack Obama Dancing with Ellen

Watch video of Barack Obama dancing during an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Obama Roasts McCain at Al Smith Dinner

Barack Obama roasts John McCain and pokes fun at himself at the traditional Al Smith Dinner.

Wassup 2008

The characters in the classic Budweiser "Wassup" ad reprise their roles in a video to promote Barack Obama.

Opie, Andy and the Fonz Stump for Obama

Ron Howard steps back into the roles of Opie on the "Andy Griffith Show" and Richie Cunningham on "Happy Days" as part of a call to support Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Roasts Rahm Emanuel

Barack Obama roasts his future chief of staff Rahm Emanuel in 2005.

You've Been BarackRolled

The Internet phenomenon known as "Rickrolling" has now given rise to "Barackrolling."

Les Misbarack

A funny spoof video featuring Obama campaign staffers singing "One Day More" from the musical Les Miserables.

Barack Obama's Cameo on 'Saturday Night Live'

Barack Obama pokes fun at Hillary and Bill Clinton during a surprise appearance in the opening sketch of "Saturday Night Live."

Daily Show: Barack Obama Mockumentary

The earthly son of a goat herder and an anthropologist, one man seems ready enough-ish to lead.


Have no fear, SuperBarack is here.

SNL Spoofs the Obama-McCain Debate

SNL spoofs the Nashville presidential debate in an amusing sketch featuring Darrell Hammond as John McCain, Fred Armisen as Barack Obama, and Chris Parnell as Tom Brokaw.

Obama Girl Sings 'I Got a Crush on Obama'

Obama Girl, AKA Amber Lee Ettinger, sings 'I Got a Crush on Obama,' presented by Barely Political.

Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep

Sarah Silverman wants Jews to gets their butts down to Florida for The Great Schlep.

Homer Simpson Votes for Obama

In an episode of "The Simpsons" slated to run November 2, Homer Simpson tries to vote for Barack Obama. A machine changes the vote to McCain and proceeds to kill him.

Obama Talks Lipstick and Pigs with Letterman

Barack Obama talks about lipstick, pigs, and the 2008 campaign during an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman."

Joe Biden Calls Obama 'Barack America'

At his first campaign rally with Barack Obama, Joe Biden slips up and calls Barack Obama "Barack America."

Baracky II

Baracky takes on Clubber McCain with the help of Apollo Clinton in Baracky II, a parody of Rocky II.

The Empire Strikes Barack

Barack Skywalker takes on Hillary Vader in an amusing Star Wars spoof video: "The Empire Strikes Barack."

SNL Mocks Pro-Obama Media Bias: Round 1

SNL lampoons the media's adoration of Barack Obama during a sketch which featured prominent reporters falling all over thesmelves to compliment the Democratic frontrunner, while trashing Hillary Clinton.

SNL Mocks Pro-Obama Media Bias: Round 2

SNL presents another debate spoof featuring Brian Williams and Tim Russert interrogating Hillary Clinton with a series of hostile questions, while lobbing softballs at Barack Obama.

Obama Reveals Top Ten 'Surprising Facts' on Letterman

Barack Obama appears on the "Late Show with David Letterman" to present a list of the "Top Ten Surprising Facts About Barack Obama."

Obama Claims He's Visted 57 States

At a campaign event in Oregon, Barack Obama says, "I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go."

Barack Obama on 'The Daily Show'

Appearing on "The Daily Show" on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama assured Jon Stewart that he does not plan to enslave the white race once he becomes president.

SNL's Clinton-Obama Ad

In this "Saturday Night Live" spoof of the NBA's "There Can Be Only One" split-screen ads, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton deliver a disjointed message.

Tracy Morgan on SNL: 'Black Is The New President'

SNL alum Tracy Morgan stops by "Weekend Update" to weigh in on the Democratic presidential race and Geraldine Ferraro's controversial comments about Barack Obama.

Baracky: The Movie

A parody of Rocky featuring Barack Obama as Rocky Balboa and Hillary Clinton as Apollo Creed.

Barack Obama on 'The Colbert Report'

Barack Obama appears on "The Colbert Report" and puts "manufactured political distractions" on notice.

Michelle Obama Charms Stephen Colbert

Michelle Obama goes for laughs on "The Colbert Report" and gets serenaded by Stephen Colbert.

Barack Obama Bowls a 37

Watch video of Barack Obama bowling a 37 while campaigning in Pennsylvania.

Obama Girl Begs Hillary to Quit

Obama Girl pleads with Hillary Clinton to stop the negative campaigning and get behind her man Obama.

Barack Obama's Top Ten Campaign Promises

Barack Obama delivers the Top Ten list on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Obama Jokes with Jay Leno about Cousin Cheney

During an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Barack Obama joked about being related to Dick Cheney ("I don't want to be invited to the family hunting party") and Hillary Clinton's premature coronation ("Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare 'Mission Accomplished' a little too soon)."