The Best Funny Pokémon Go Memes

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What Is The Deal With Pokémon Go?

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Unless you were living under a rock in the first weeks of July 2016, you are most likely aware of a hot new gaming trend that has managed to pry gamers from their comfortable sofas and get them out and about in the real world. Pokémon Go, the latest iteration of the old favorite Japanese game, is the gaming craze that has literally taken over the world by placing Pokémon characters in real life locations. To put it lightly, many internet denizens are straight up obsessed with this game.

Using the power of hilarious web memes, let's take a look at the phenomenon that has taken the web by force! These are the funniest Pokémon Go memes out there; let's catch 'em all!

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Wait, Pokémon Is Popular Again?!

Via PBS.

Right?! This Robin Williams meme (a still from the 1995 movie Jumanji) sums up what many of us are thinking!

Pokémon has been around since the late 1990s, but the Pokémon Go app represents the first time in the game's history that Pokémon fans can use their mobile smartphones to play. Pokémon Go allows players to capture, battle and train virtual Pokémon characters. Using your phone's GPS and camera, users walk around hoping to spot and catch the characters, so naturally this leads to a lot more exercise than most people are used to getting. 

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All You Need To Get Started

Via Facebook.

With everybody walking around staring intently into their phones, accidents are bound to happen eventually. Some cities are posting notices about not playing the game while driving, crossing streets, or visiting historical sites.  Basically, please try to avoid walking into traffic, folks. Really simple stuff.

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Take The Longer Way Home

Via Twitter/@omgpokemongo.

Pokémon Go users have reported getting more exercise than they have in years, which leads to.... (Next slide)

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Getting Buff

Via iFunny.

Remember when we all thought the Nintendo Wii was going to get us all into the best shape of our lives? Most of those units are now collecting dust in your mom's basement somewhere, but Pokémon Go is actually forcing people to experience things like exercise and sunshine for the first time in ages. 

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Maybe Don't Follow Them Everywhere Though

Via iheartradio.

The downside is that people are pretty much going everywhere to find these things... even places where they really shouldn't go.  For instance.... (Next slide)

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"Are The Lambs Still Screaming, Clarice?"

Via Twitter/@hayestsn.

Let this Silence of the Lambs meme remind you to be careful where you follow your smartphone....

And if you hear someone say, "Are you about a size 14?" RUN.

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Again, Don't Play Everywhere

Via Instagram/TheFunnyIntrovert.

There's inappropriate, and then there's this.

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2016's Version of "Netflix and Chill"

Via Twitter/@nayrchastain.

Netflix and Chill is so 2015!  Pokémon Go is definitely shaping up to be one of the biggest memes of 2016.

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Be Prepared To Look Silly

Via Instagram/@pokemongomemes.ig.

True story: I saw my first group of Pokémon zombies staggering around on a fairly busy road last night, all staring straight into their phones instead of watching where they were going.  

This is how the machine overlords get us in the end, isn't it?

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Send Nudes? Nah, Send Pokémons

Via Reddit.

Okay, now I'm SURE this is how the machine overlords plan to take over the human race.

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*Forever Alone Intensifies*

Via Twitter/@PokemonGoMemes.

Doc: "Are you sexually active?"

Guy: "I play Pokemon Go."

Doc: "A simple 'no' would have sufficed."

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More Fuel For The Nightmares

Via Imgur.

We're not saying Pennywise the Clown (from Stephen King's IT) is waiting to grab unsuspecting Pokemon Go players... but we can't rule it out, either.

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Well, Um... Okay?

Via Imgur.

Sure, they're going outside... but they're still staring at their screens for hours. Oh well!

Just as long as they don't fall for.... (Next slide)

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Pedo-Bear Approved!

Via Twitter/@DarrenKavinoky.

Hey look, the Pokémon Go van has replaced the "Free Candy" van. Greaaaat.

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On The Other Hand

Via Reddit.

Not everyone is interested in playing Pokémon Go, and those people are the first ones to go on Facebook and pat themselves on the back for not being addicted to any silly tech app.  *Cough* Facebook *cough*

So that's Pokémon Go, summed up in memes. Have fun and be careful out there, kiddos!

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