Funny Political Memes

The Best Internet Memes Skewering Politicians

A roundup of funny Internet memes lampooning various political figures and political topics.
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Funniest Political Memes Ever

A collection of classic political memes skewering Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between.
The best memes, captioned photos and parodies of President Barack Obama. More »
A collection of Internet memes poking fun at America's least popular institution. More »
The best Hillary Clinton memes, including classic "Texts From Hillary." More »
Bill Clinton Memes

The best Internet memes, captioned photos, and parodies lampooning President Bill Clinton. More »

Fox News Memes

 A roundup of funny memes, cartoons and quotes poking fun at Fox News Channel. More »

The year's funniest political memes. More »
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Funniest Obama Reelection Memes

A roundup of hilarious memes and viral images reacting to President Obama's reelection victory and Mitt Romney's defeat.
A collection of memes addressing the issues of gun control, gun violence, and the Second Amendment. More »
A roundup of the best pro-liberal and anti-conservative memes, pictures, quotes, and slogans. More »
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Best Presidential Debate Memes

The funniest memes, captioned photos, and cartoons lampooning the 2012 presidential and vice presidential debates.
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Best Clinton Eastwood Empty Chair Memes

A roundup of funny memes, captioned photos, and parodies poking fun at Clint Eastwood's empty chair/invisible Obama routine at the Republican Convention.
The funniest memes mocking Mitt Romney's attack on Big Bird and PBS. More »
The funniest memes, pictures, and jokes mocking Mitt Romney's laughable "binders full of women" remark during the presidential debate. More »
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Mayan Doomsday Memes

A roundup of funniest jokes, memes, and cartoons about the Mayan Doomsday and end of the world prediction.