Funny Political Slogans

Funny Political Campaign Slogans for Democrats and Republicans

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Funny Democratic Slogans

Democratic Party: We're Not Perfect, But They're Nuts

Is That True, Or Did You Hear It On Fox News?

Hillary 2016 / Michelle 2024 / Chelsea 2032 / Malia 2040 / Sasha 2048

Voting Is Like Driving A Car. Choose (R) To Go Backward. Choose (D) To Go Forward.

The Republican Party: Our Bridge To The Eleventh Century

Democrats: Cleaning Up Republican Messes Since 1933

Are You Hearing Crazy Voices? Turn Off Fox News

Evolution Is Just A Theory…Kind Of Like Gravity

Democrats Are Sexy. Who Ever Heard Of A Nice Piece Of Elephant?

Obama Won. Again. Get Over It. Again.

Don’t Like Socialism? Get Off The Highway

Love Trumps Hate

Did You Know 1 Out of 3 Trump Supporters Are Just As Stupid As The Other 2?

Make America Think Again

Tea Parties Are For Little Girls With Imaginary Friends

My President Killed Osama Bin Laden. How About Yours?

Fine...I Evolved, You Didn’t

May The Fetus You Save Be Gay

GOP Family Values—Your Rights Begin At Conception And End At Birth

That Stuff Trickling Down On You Isn’t Money

Due To Recent Budget Cuts, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Has Been Turned Off

Killing For Peace Is Like Screwing For Virginity

Insurance Companies Are Republican Death Panels

When You're Old And Eating Cat Food, You Can Thank A Republican

Republicans 2012: Keeping Millions Out of Work to Put One Man Out of a Job

Pharaoh Was a Job Creator, So Why Did GOD Side with a Community Organizer?

Fox News: Rich People Paying Rich People To Tell Middle Class People To Blame Poor People

Nice Hummer—Sorry About Your Penis

Jesus Was A Hippie

Abolish Corporate Personhood

Honk If My Taxes Support Your Whiny Teabagging Ass

Want Freedom From Government? Go Live In Somalia.

If Republicans Don't Believe In Government, Perhaps They Shouldn't Run For It

Hey Tea Partiers, The Mad Hatter Wants His Crazy Back

Fox News Channel: Where The Truth Goes To Die

Liberals Protest War. Conservatives Protest Health Care.

If You Cut Off My Reproductive Choice, Can I Cut Off Yours?

Funny Anti-Romney Slogans

Got Romnesia? Don't Worry. Obamacare Covers Pre-existing Conditions.

Mitt Romney: Believe In (Half Of) America

Mitt Romney: Believe In America, Bank In The Caymans

Dogs Against Romney: I Ride Inside

Romney: Standing Strong For/Against Everything

Romney's Tax Cuts Don't Trickle Down - They Just Float Offshore

Romney Hood: Steal From the Poor, Give to the Rich

Mitt Romney thinks HIS tax history deserves more privacy than YOUR vagina.

Hey Mitt: Corporations Aren't People, And Dogs Aren't Luggage!

Romney: Putting The Con In Economy

Romney / Ryan: Fifty Shades Of White

Mitt Romney: The Buck Stops In Switzerland

Romney / Ryan: Kochsuckers

Obama 2012
Romney 1040

Funny Republican Slogans

If Ignorance Is Bliss, You Must Be One Happy Liberal

I’ll Keep My Freedom, My Guns, And My Money. You Can Keep The Change!

Work Harder! Millions On Welfare Depend On You!

I’d Vote For A Democrat, But I’m Allergic To Nuts

Occupy A Job!

Global Warming: The #1 Threat To Unicorns

Honk If I’m Paying Your Mortgage

I’d Rather Be A Conservative Nut Job Than A Liberal With No Nuts And No Job!

Environmentalism: Just Another Religious Doomsday Cult

If You’re Gonna Burn Our Flag, Wrap Yourself In It First

I Only Burn Fuel Because Burning Hippies Is Illegal

Silly Liberal, Paychecks Are For Workers

Another Former Fetus For Life

Stop Global Whining

In Case Of Rapture, This Car Will Be Unmanned

I’d Rather Be Waterboarding

Spread My Work Ethic, Not My Wealth

Annoy a Liberal...Word Hard and Be Happy

Miss Me Yet? (with a picture of George Bush)

You Can't Fix Stupid, But You Can Vote It Out

Funny Anti-Obama Slogans

Does This Ass Make My Car Look Fat? (With A Picture Of Obama)

If Obama Is The Answer, Then The Question Must Be Ridiculous

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were 4 Trillion Dollars Ago?

I'd Rather Vote For A Mormon Than A Moron

January 20, 2013: The End Of An Error

OMG! Obama Must Go!

Somewhere In Kenya, A Village Is Missing Its Idiot

Don’t Blame Me! I Voted For The American

So How's That "Hope" And "Change" Working Out For You?

I Was Anti-Obama Before It Was Cool


Obamanomics: Trickle Up Poverty

O.B.A.M.A.: One Big Ass Mistake, America

25 Years Ago We Had Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope And Johnny Cash. Now We Have Obama, No Hope And No Cash

Recession: Your Neighbor Loses His Job.
Depression: You Lose Your Job.
Recovery: Obama Loses His Job!