Funny Weather Reports, Commercials, and Bloopers

Updated June 15, 2015

Weather is a serious topic...well it usually is; here are 11 times it was anything but.

Want more weatherman antics? Check out these 10 TV weathermen who are having very bad days.

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I must say, His Royal Highness is quite engaging in front of the camera. If he wasn't a royal, he'd have made a jolly good meteorologist! More »

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Jim Cantore Geeks Out Over Thundersnow

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(No, it's not the name of a new Weather Channel show...) See Jim Cantore lose his cool in a thundersnow-storm.

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If commercials are supposed to sell a product, this one sure sells the Weather Channel. More »

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You know you're in for some seriously cold temperatures when your weatherguy delivers your forecast wearing a toboggan. More »

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Oh my goodness! Can you count the number of times this woman flubs her weather report? More »
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We all have these moments (especially at 4:30 in the morning)...ours just aren't caught on-air! More »

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I don't know what's funnier...CHCH Canada's Nicola Jones' charming freak-out, or the shaky footage of her uninvited guest. More »

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This clip gives new meaning to the expression "news toss." The fact that the weatherman's co-anchors won't let him live it down is priceless! More »

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It's a broadcast meteorologist's worst chroma-key nightmare! More »

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This poor weatherman had a #2 reason for getting off the air. More »

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Looks like East Anglia is retaliating for all the times its weather forecasts were wrong. More »

Teachers: A Weather Bloopers Lesson Plan For Your Students

Share these weather outtakes videos as an introduction to mistakes and then present this lesson plan on weather misconceptions. (Designed for elementary school.)
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