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This was a wish list for future technology that was originally intended to provide inspiration for inventors. First written in April of 1997, I thought it might be fun to follow-up each year and find out if anyone has been working on these ideas for future technology. I have included websites for you to "check out" inventions that are, are close to, or kinda close to what I am hoping will soon exist in the future technology available to us presently.

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Future Technology - Free Energy

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I want my energy bill to come only once, not every month. So be it solar or electromagnetic, please make it personal and portable with batteries that keep going and going.

Check out - D.O.E. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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Future Technology - Transporter

What kind of technology is required to scramble a person's atoms and send them for regrouping in foreign lands all in the blink of an eye? Imagine, I could work in Tokyo and sleep in Paris. Beam me up.

Check out - Quantum Teleportation or Scientists Report 'Teleported' Data

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Future Technology - Replicator Technology (Stuff for Free)

Every time I saw Captain Picard (Star Trek Next Generation) ordering his Earl Grey Tea or Councilor Troy getting a triple alien fudge dessert from one of those replicators on the Enterprise, it made me jealous. I imagine you could send the dirty dishes back to the void where they came from. BTW, a replicator is a device that uses transporter technology to dematerialize quantities of matter and then rematerialize that matter in another form.

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Future Technology - Universal Communicator

Forget long distant bills and roaming charges (especially with me working in Tokyo and sleeping in Paris). I want a very small device that lets me talk and see anyone, anywhere and anytime. All for the price of the device and please throw in the ability for universal translation for a modest surcharge.

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Future Technology - The Cure

For you name it.

Check out - Curing Brain Diseases by Growing New Cells?

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Future Technology - Fountain of Youth

As a woman I consider this as a no-brainer desire for future technology. The "Fountain of Youth" was a legendary spring that renders anyone who drinks of its waters permanently young. What is the real future technology that will extend our lives and keep us looking youthful without surgery?

Check out - Scientists discover cellular 'fountain of youth' and Anti-Aging Medicine or Longevity and Anti-Aging Medicine.

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Future Technology - Protective Force Field

To shield me from the sticks and stones.

Check out - A Force Field for Astronauts?

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Future Technology - Flying Cars

I want a smooth ride all the way and I hope it's a convertible.

Check out - How Flying Cars Will Work, Flying Cars Ready To Take Off, Flying car more economical than SUV.

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Future Technology - The Battery Operated Butler Did It

What can I say - housework sucks.

Check out - Robotics and Robots

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Future Technology - The Time Machine

I have a few famous inventors I would love to meet in person and the idea of messing with the time-space continuum is exciting as well.

Check out - Attention Chronic Argonauts and fellow Time Travelers

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