The Galley or Corridor Kitchen Layout

Corridor kitchen

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The galley or corridor kitchen layout is one of the standard kitchen layouts that decades of ergonomic research developed. This layout is the most efficient layout for a thin kitchen space.

A galley kitchen consists of work space on two opposing walls. There is a single traffic lane between them. There is an opening on one or both ends.

A galley kitchen can be as long as you want. You will just need to divide the kitchen into different work sites. The best width for a galley kitchen is 7 to 12 feet. Kitchens over 10 feet wide can utilize the U-shaped kitchen layout.

Galley Kitchen Benefits

  • Great for rectangular space
  • Efficient for a small kitchen space
  • Can adjust to any length
  • Can easily divide the kitchen into multiple work sites

Galley Kitchen Drawbacks

  • Through traffic can cause congestion
  • Not efficient for large kitchens
  • Not good for multiple cooks
  • Does not work well for open floor plans

Placing the Work Triangle

The basic kitchen work triangle can be placed anywhere along the length of the galley kitchen provided you keep the elements grouped together. An equilateral triangle works best with two elements on one wall and the third centered between them on the opposite wall.

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