Gambling for Fun

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Gambling for the fun of it, instead of concentrating just on winning, may be a very powerful tool in overcoming the frustrations that can accompany casino gambling, especially poker. The following tips can help you increase your fun, and maybe help you win. Of course if you are the type of player who gets angry when playing, it might not even be the money that is at issue, it could be the motivation.

Players gamble for many reasons, where to you fit in?

  • Gamble for relaxation
  • Gamble for social interaction
  • Gamble to win money
  • Gamble to be in action
  • Gamble to escape

If those reasons to gamble look familiar, good. Let's go from there. The last two issues can be problematic, and if you are only interested in either an escape or to be in action, the best advice you can get is to try an keep a very tight reign on your gambling. And, you can also try some of the ideas below, because you only need to change your perception a tiny bit to change some destructive habits!

If you are in the middle of the group, and gamble to win money, your best advice to to learn any game you are playing inside and out. If you play blackjack, learn basic strategy and get the house edge down to half the pass-line edge at craps! Later, with a little effort and practice, you might learn a simple plus-minus count for the game and put the odds in your favor!

If you play craps, keep to the pass and don't pass lines, take odds, and stay away from the proposition bets.

Gambling For Fun

Can gambling for fun make the difference in winning and losing? Yes and no. Psychologically, you'll make better decisions if you are having fun rather than if you are angry or frustrated.

You won't take your frustrations out on your bankroll, and you will concentrate better. So, if you gamble for either relaxation or social interaction, you should be having fun. Keep in mind that you don't even need to be playing for real money to have fun gambling.

There are many places where casino nights are popular, often staged for charity, and you can have a great time playing craps, blackjack, slot machines and even poker without spending all your hard-earned cash. Casino nights are often tied to charity events to raise money for building clubs, libraries, hospitals, and the such. You might pay $20 to enter, and get free drinks and free games

Free poker nights are also very popular. These are staged as an incentive by bars and restaurants to get new customers, and they work, especially if the food is good. Players arrive early, have a meal, and then enjoy the poker games while having a few drinks. Winning is great, winning cash is secondary.

Surprising Findings About Gambling For Fun

The most surprising findings about players who gamble for fun, is that they don't make risky decisions in the heat of the moment. Psychologically they react better under stress! Another interesting finding is that players at casino night events, even if they are inexperienced and new to the games they are playing, take a decidedly cautious path.

They don't get their chips and bet them all at once, they actually have respect for their bankroll. Why would that happen for free chips, but not for real money?

The main reason is that players become numbed to the cost of real chips. They get conditioned to taking a loss. That's terrible. Keep these things in mind when playing, whether for real money, or for play chips:

  • Endorphins are produced by the brain when you experience fun and excitement
  • If you are having fun you will make better decisions
  • The social interaction of gaming can keep you from making bad decisions
  • Compulsive gambling is often triggered by stress, depression, loneliness and fear
  • Gambling for money can make daily stress much worse

Playing games at casino nights for free/fun can supply the same excitement and social interaction you are looking for without causing a blow to your bankroll.

All of these things mean you are looking for more from gambling than trying to win money, so consider playing for free! After being involved with free chips and making good betting decisions you'll probably find that when you return a real casino and risk real money you will have a new-found respect for your cash. That's always a good thing.