The Best 'Game of Thrones' Humor on the Web

'Game of Thrones' memes, spoofs, and recaps are taking over the web.

Via Reddit.

The HBO smash hit Game of Thrones, is currently one of the most popular dramas on television. The series, which is based on the bestselling book series A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, has been offering up gruesome but addictive hour-long episodes for six seasons so far. Sources at HBO say that there will be at least one more season, with the possibility of an abbreviated 8th season down the road, to wrap up any loose ends.

The show has been on fire for years now, which means it was only a matter of time before folks took to the internet to discuss, dissect, and spoof television's favorite golden child. Lucky for us Web Humor fans, even though the story lines within this captivating drama are anything but funny, most of the Game of Thrones material that we find online is very funny stuff! We've seen Tumblr blogs, memes, weekly comedic recaps, social media pages, and much more, all designed to transform the dark Game of Thrones material into light-hearted inside jokes.

And it's a good thing, really, because otherwise this show would be just so, so dark. If the good people of the internet are good at one thing, that thing is adding lightness to the darkest of subjects.

Enter The Memes

As with just about anything in popular culture, you know something has hit the mainstream when it gets the meme treatment. Game of Thrones memes have been circulating for years now, and by now almost everyone has seen the classic "Imminent Ned/Brace Yourselves" meme somewhere online.

Social media giant Mashable recently ran a Game of Thrones meme contest on Twitter, pulling in thousands of funny new memes from their large readership. There's also a big Game of Thrones Memes Facebook community. Naturally we've selected our own favorite GoT memes for your viewing pleasure as well.


Click here to view an image gallery of the best Game of Thrones memes!

The Spoofs

It was just a matter of time before the parodies started rolling in as well! Everyone from The Simpsons to Saturday Night Live has jumped on the GoT bandwagon. We have seen spoofs that reimagine the series as a romantic comedy, spoofs that insert lightsaber battles into the action, and videos that try to explain away the plentiful and rather gratuitous GoT sex scenes. All are very entertaining and amusing, and we've picked the most entertaining and amusing of the bunch for you right here:

Click here to see a list of the best Game of Thrones spoofs!

The Recaps

Many people flock to message boards to discuss the previous night's episode of GoT, and still more enjoy reading humor-injected recaps of the action on sites like HuffPost TV, EW's PopWatch, and others. Humor Site Funny Or Die, however, takes the cake for the best recap series with their "Gay of Thrones" videos. While perhaps slightly offensive (to some) in nature, these slightly NSFW (due to the language) clips are undeniably funny. Take a look at them here on Funny or Die.

The Blogs


So many blogs, so little time! A quick Google search will show you that there are thousands of blogs devoted to GoT humor.

Some of the best are the mash-up blogs, a combination of GoT images and other pop culture references. For instance, if you love Arrested Development (and who doesn't?), check out Arrested Westeros for some hilarious AD quotes superimposed over GoT images. There are also blogs that mix GoT with 30 Rock, Justin Bieber, fan art creations, and of course, since this is the internet, cats.

In short, Game of Thrones humor is clearly here to stay on the internet.