Game, Set or Match?

I admit it. I'm a purist. I want the old game of volleyball back. You know, the one where you could only earn points when you served, where you couldn't get the ball up with your foot, where a net was a net no matter when it occurred and where a serve had to clear the net completely or it was an error. Oh, and if you ran out of subs, your worst passer had to play back row. You know, traditional volleyball.

This anything-goes, let-the-kids-play, devil-may-care volleyball is not my favorite. I mean, what other sport has gone through such a transformation in the last 15 years? Could you imagine what fans would do if the rules of basketball changed this drastically? Go ahead, LeBron, dropkick the ball through the hoop -- it counts!

But hey, I'm handling it. At least I was until I read in the '08-'09 rulebook about how the term 'game' has now been changed to 'set.' It is starting to seem like the powers that be are changing things just for the sake of change.

What was wrong with calling them games? Are we trying to be more like tennis? Well, tennis has games and sets. And unlike tennis, volleyball already has a skill called a set. Frankly, I find the whole thing a little confusing and a lot unnecessary.

It might be time for volleyball fans everywhere to rise up and protest these arbitrary rule changes before the game we love becomes completely unrecognizable.

Who's with me??