Game Show Host Halloween Costume

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Game Show Host Halloween Costume

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Game show inspired Halloween costumes come and go along with the trends in new shows and new personalities. Once upon a time, you could even purchase pre-made Press Your Luck Whammies in all of their cheesy plastic glory. One costume that never goes out of style is the game show host, and you can make your costume unique in a number of different ways. Here's how to put it all together.

Generic Game Show Host

One of the easiest ways to pull together a game show costume is to become a generic game show host. You don't need to do a lot for this costume but you can enhance it in a number of ways. First, the basics:

  • A suit, consisting of dress pants, jacket, and a tie. Preferably with a dress shirt.
  • A microphone. If you want to go all out, use the Bob Barker style of mic with the long, thin hand grip.

That's really all you need to be able to call yourself a generic host, but there are a couple of things you can add to spruce up your costume and make it more fun.

Trivia Cards: Print out a whole bunch of cue cards (index cards or cut up printer paper will work) with a variety of trivia questions on them. For example, you can grab some Jeopardy! stumpers from the J Archive. Or, if you have board games like Trivial Pursuit or the board game version of The Newlywed Game you can use the question cards from those. Then go around and tell people that they can win some candy if they answer a question correctly. Make sure to use your best game show host voice!

Play Money: Grab some Monopoly money or pick up some kids' play money from the dollar store and stuff it in the other pocket of your jacket. You can challenge people to do things like pick all of the pieces of salt off of a pretzel or find a hard candy in their purse in order to win some "cash," or use it to reward people for their trivia skills. Either way, you might want to review some old footage of Monty Hall on Let's Make a Deal to learn how to master this technique.

Targeting Specific Hosts

Want to take your host costume and make it a little less generic? You can become a specific host with only a few tweaks to your basic outfit.

The Alex Trebek: Add a fake mustache and make sure you're wearing fabulous dress shoes. Walk around saying, "Ooooh sorry. We were looking for Howard Nemerov. Howard Nemerov." You get bonus points for saying foreign words in their corresponding accents.

The Pat Sajak: Comb your hair in the classic Pat Sajak style (it should look almost like your average Lego minifig's coif). Have cue cards ready with fake biographies so you can walk up to people and say things like, "Elizabeth Jones is a neurosurgeon from Boise, Idaho. It says here that you have the world's largest collection of safety pins. Tell us about that!"

The Bob Barker: Same as the generic host, but remind people to have their pets spayed or neutered. This can be turned into a group costume by adding some models in glittery dresses handing out Plinko chips, and you get bonus points for having someone else dressed in a suit yelling things like "Come on Down!" and "A new caaaar!"

As you can see, being a game show host for Halloween is an idea that you can have unlimited fun with. It works especially well at parties or large gatherings, but you can also have a great deal of enjoyment greeting trick-or-treaters (and their parents) at the door in this getup. Pick your favorite game show host and go all out with it!

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