GARFIELD - Surname Meaning and Family History

What does the last name Garfield mean?

The Garfield surname originated from Old English terms meaning triangular field.
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Garfield is a surname thought to have originated as a habitational name for someone from a lost or unidentified place, from the Old English gar, meaning "triangular land," and feld, meaning "open country or field."

Other possible origins of the Garfield name include the Saxon garwian, meaning "to prepare," or the German and Dutch gar, meaning "dressed, prepared" or a "field or place furnished for an army."

Surname Origin: English

Alternate Surname Spellings: GARFELD, GARFEELD

Where Is the Garfield Surname Most Common?

According to WorldNames PublicProfiler, Garfield is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, with a large number of individuals with the surname living in the West Midlands. In the United States, the Garfield surname is most common in Utah, followed by Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana, Massachusetts and New Mexico.

Forebears identify the Garfield last name in England as being most common in Worcestershire (551st most common last name), followed by Huntingdonshire, Northamptonshire, and Warwickshire. In the United States, Garfield is most common in Utah, Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine. Interestingly, the Garfield surname is also fairly common in Jamaica and Taiwan.

Famous People with the GARFIELD Surname

  • James A. Garfield - 20th president of the United States
  • Andrew Garfield - American actor
  • Henry Garfield - birth name of American artist and musician Henry Rollins
  • Jason Garfield - juggler; founder of the World Juggling Federation
  • Richard Garfield - creator of the game Magic: The Gathering
  • Eugene Garfield - American scientist

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