Garza Surname Meaning and Origin

The Garza surname most commonly originated with the Spanish word for heron.
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Garza is a surname with several possible origins:

  1. Meaning "heron" in Spanish, the Garza surname usually translates as "dweller at the sign of the heron or dove." It may have been given as a descriptive nickname for someone with long legs like a heron. It could also be a habitational name for someone from one of several places named Garza.
  2. Garza is sometimes a variation of Garcia, the Spanish form of Gerald, meaning "ruler of the spear."

Garza is the 26th most common Hispanic surname.

Surname Origin: Spanish


Famous People With the Surname Garza

  • Alana de la Garza - an American actress
  • Tony Garza - Mexican American politician and former United States Ambassador to Mexico (2002-2009)
  • Madison De La Garza - American child actress, best known for her role in the television hit Desperate Housewives.

Where Do People With the Garza Surname Live?

The surname distribution data at Forebears puts the Garza surname as most popular in Mexico, where it ranks as the 47th most common surname. Outside of Mexico, Garza is most common in the United States—found in large numbers in Texas, followed by California, Illinois, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, and Florida. WorldNames PublicProfiler also puts the largest number of individuals named Garza in Texas, by over six times as great as the next state, New Mexico. In Spain, Garza is most common in the Aragón region.

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