What Gear Do You Need To Play Paintball?

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Question: What Gear Do You Need To Play Paintball?

There are four basic pieces of gear that you need to play paintball: a mask, a hopper, a tank, and a paintball gun. You will also need paintballs to play.


A mask must be worn at all times to protect your face and prevent any serious injury. Never step onto a paintball field without your mask and always follow basic safety rules.

A hopper holds your paintballs and feeds them into your gun.

There are many different types of hoppers, so choose what works best for you and your gun.

A tank holds stored air that, when released, pushes the ball down the barrel. You can get either a carbon dioxide (CO2) or a compressed air tank depending on your needs and playing style. A paintball gun is largely a choice for the individual - how much are you willing to spend and what do you want the gun to be able to do? Read the reviews and learn all you can before you buy.

Paintballs come in all different colors and prices. More expensive paint typically performs better. Choose something that works well for you without breaking the bank.