Can You Take the GED Test Online?

Mature Student in classroom at the computer
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We do so much online today that it seems natural to expect to be able to take the GED test online, too. Can you? Nope. There was some confusion when, in 2014, the GED test became computer-based. You now take the GED test on a computer, but not online. There's a very big difference between computer-based and online.

You can find free practice GED tests online in several places, but when you're ready to sit down for the actual test, you need to take it at a certified testing center, in person. The good news is that they are all over America, even in the smallest communities, so chances are very good that there is one near you. Google Adult Education in your town or city, or look it up in the phone book, if you still have one.

So what kinds of GED prep resources can you find online? Plenty!

Online High Schools - Thumbs Up or Down?

Many people choose to attend an online high school. Are they safe? Some are. You'll need to do some serious homework.

It's especially important to be sure the school you choose is accredited. What does that mean? Learn why accreditation is important before you sign up for any online high school.

Online Prep

If you just want some help prepping, and aren't interested in signing up for a school, there are plenty of places online that offer lessons and practice tests. We list several of them in this article, Free Online GED Practice Tests and Free GED Classes.

Remember that most communities, whether small or huge, have literacy councils that offer free tutoring for adults and children in many, many subjects, including GED, English, math, reading, and pretty much anything you need help with. Ask. If you have trouble finding them, check with the local newspaper. They'll be sure to know.

Studying for Your GED at  Home

Earning a GED can be embarrassing, so many people choose to study at home, and now that there are so many resources available on the Internet, studying at home is so much easier. We have some tips for you in this article, Ways to Study for Your GED/High School Equivalency Diploma at Home


There are a lot of scams out there, and the people running them are pretty heartless. Please do not fall for offers that claim you can take the GED test online. They're all scams. They want your money, lots of it, in exchange for a meaningless piece of paper. Don't think employers or schools will fall for these fake certificates. They're smarter than that. So you will have lost good money and gotten absolutely nothing in return.

Earn your GED the right way and be proud of it. And remember, you must take your GED test at a certified testing center, in person.

Find a center near you by going to your state's GED website or to the GED Testing Service.