Gemini and Aquarius Love Compatibility

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 Gemini and Aquarius is a pairing bringing together free thinkers that need a lot of leeway in love. A whirl of stimulating activities gets the ball rolling since these two are curiosity seekers. It's a meeting of two bright minds, and that's where the seeds of love begin.

Nothing is taboo for Aquarius, and Gemini is flexible enough to try anything once! This leads to lots of experimentation, on dates and in the bedroom. Aquarius is drawn to the unconventional and accepts the restless and inconstant Gemini nature.

And Gemini is charmed by the wholly original ideas spilling forth from Aquarius. Both like to go their own way a lot, so neither will take it personally. They understand the need for intellectual independence and will have lots of separate friends.

Love Glue

The Aquarius-Gemini relationship has long-term potential since there's always more to learn and talk about. As a sign known to calm the mentally unstable, Aquarius can be soothing to the Gemini nerves. Gemini may not understand when Aquarius gets stuck on one idea to the point of obsession but will respect the mental focus.

Aquarius shows by example how Gemini can harness all its brain power. There's not a lot of heavy emotionality here, which makes it possible for them to be friends first. Long after the lust phase is over, they are inspired companions -- and that's enduring.

What's the glue that holds them together? Will there be so much space between Gemini and Aquarius that they drift in and out of each other's lives?  The other factor is both signs have an escape hatch that they make use of if things get too claustrophobia.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (the modern ruler) and known for sudden moves.  Gemini also has an erratic rhythm to its nature and is quick to change.  A bond between them could end as suddenly as it begins. 


For staying power, it helps to have a shared purpose, like raising children or cultivating a shared passion. The word brainstorming comes to mind -- each helps the other fully conceptualize their plans. Is it all talk and no walk? This will depend on other elements, like earth, in the birth chart. Is there a cool air here, with no feeling? Look to the water element or areas of emotional compatibility.

Both have big friend circles and will want to spend quality time with the beloved, to make them feel special.

Each knows their main engagement is the world of ideas, and this makes them philosophical about endings. They come together for a season or a lifetime, understanding life goes on. A good match with infinite room for growth.

Upside: Enjoy wide circle of friends; trendsetters; curious; objective; similar emotional life; always learning.

Downside: Difficult to form an emotional bond; easy come, easy go; detached; duplicity breeds mistrust; takes time to settle down.

Element and Quality

Mutable (changeable) Air (concepts, mental dexterity) and Fixed (thorough, focused) Air

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Gemini and Aquarius Love Story

The Aquamini Magic by Guest Candy"

"She's the Aquarian, and I'm the male Gemini. We met online a little over a year ago, and both restrained our feelings for each other for the entire period...We never messaged or called!...But kept "Poking" each other on FB. Then it all broke....She took the initiative to speak first! Now there is a bonding of spirits and love that is as thick as a city wall!! It's early days yet, but mutuality of the love is very evident in the trust we have in each other, as well as the daily strength we acquire from each other! There is just an unexplainable magic that kindles between an Aquarian woman and a Gemini man! kind of opposite in personality ( which the dual personality Gemini will take care of ), but similar in purpose and thinking!!!"