10 Genealogy Blogs Worth Reading

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of genealogy and family history blogs online, offering a daily or weekly dose of education, enlightenment, and entertainment. While many of these genealogy blogs offer outstanding reading and current information on new genealogy products and current research standards, the following are favorites of mine for their excellent writing and timely updates, and because they each bring something special to the world of genealogy blogging.

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Randy Seaver's excellent blog stands here as a representative for the many great personal family history bloggers (since there isn't room in this shortlist to highlight all of the great ones). His site includes enough of an eclectic mix of news, research processes, personal reflections, and genealogy debate to make it of interest to almost any genealogist. He shares genealogy news and new databases as he finds and explores them. He shares his research successes and failures so you might learn from them. He even shares the ways in which he balances his research with family and personal responsibilities. Randy's musings bring out the genealogist in all of us...

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The Genealogue

Many of you probably already read Chris Dunham regularly, but if you haven't, you're in for a treat. His unique brand of genealogy humor puts a special spin on just about everything genealogy, from interesting items culled from old newspapers to tongue-in-cheek commentary on current genealogy news and products, to a regular genealogy challenge to keep us all on our toes. He posts regularly - often several per day. And his special Top Ten Lists are always good for a chuckle.

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Ancestry Insider

This "unofficial, unauthorized view" offers current reports, updates and yes, even criticisms, of the big genealogy Web sites - especially Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org. This blog is often the first to report on new updates, products, and announcements from the "big" genealogy organizations, and provides the "insider" point of view you won't easily find elsewhere.

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Creative Genealogy

I originally "met" Jasia through her excellent Creative Gene blog, but her newer Creative Genealogy Blog is the one we're highlighting here. Through this blog, she brings something new to family history enthusiasts - challenging us to take time off from the names, dates, and research to instead pursue creative ways of sharing our ancestors with the world. Her primary focus is searching out and highlighting great family history-oriented kits for digital scrapbooking, but she also discusses photo editing and other creative pursuits.

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The Genetic Genealogist

Blaine Bettinger helps you add DNA to your genealogy toolkit with his insightful posts on the current and future status of genetic genealogy. His easy-to-read blog, updated almost daily, highlights various genetic testing companies and projects, current news and research, and various tips and resources for people interested in genetic genealogy testing and/or disease gene analysis.

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Genealogy Blog

Leland Meitzler and Joe Edmon, along with a number of other occasional authors (Donna Potter Phillips, Bill Dollarhide, and Joan Murray), have been blogging about genealogy here since 2003. Topics run the gamut from genealogy news, press releases and new products, to research techniques and highlights from other blog posts around the Internet. If you only have time to read one blog, this is a good one to consider.

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The Practical Archivist

If you aren't currently interested in archiving and preserving the photos, documents, and ephemera of your family's history, you will be after reading Sally's entertaining, well-written blog. She writes about archival-safe products and organizing family photos and memorabilia, with plenty of random research and preservation tips sprinkled in.

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Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

News, reviews and a wealth of insightful commentary on various technologies as they relate to genealogy are the hallmarks of Dick Eastman's blog, read regularly by almost every genealogist we know. A variety of helpful articles and tutorials are available to "Plus Edition" subscribers, but the majority of the content is available for free.

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Boston 1775

If you have any interest in the American Revolution (or maybe even if you don't) this outstanding blog by J. L. Bell is a daily pleasure. The ecletic content covers New England during the time just before, during and after the Revolutionary War, and uses a wealth of information taken from original source documents to discuss how that history has been taught, analyzed, forgotton and preserved. You'll soon be looking at America's early history in a different way.

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