Genealogy of the First Gods

Part 4: Descendants of Chaos

Black hole
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Starting Point
Generation 0-1 - Chaos and Its Children

In the beginning, ‚Äčthere was Chaos. Chaos was a gap of some sort, so it only makes sense that out of a black hole (so to speak), Darkness and Night would emerge. These, named Erebos and Nyx, respectively, were the children of Chaos.

Generation 2 Part 1 - Darkness and Night's Children

The mating of these two dark forces, Erebos (Darkness) and Nyx (Night), produced Brightness (Aither) and Day (Hemere).

Generation 2 Part 2 - Night's Children

Without sexual relations, Nyx produced a host of offspring on its own:

  • Moros (doom)
  • Apate (deceit)
  • The Moirai (fates: Klotho, Lachesis, and Atropos)
  • The Oneiroi (dreams)
  • Ker (destruction)
  • Thanatos (death)
  • Oizus (pain)
  • Hypnos (sleep)
  • the Hesperides
  • Keres (punishes transgressions)
  • Nemesis (indignation, retribution)
  • Philotes (love)
  • Eris (strife)
  • Geras (old age)
  • Momos (blame)

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