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America's GenealogyBank provides subscription access to historical and genealogical records in the United States from the 17th to the 21st century. Digitized resources include genealogies, obituaries, marriage notices, local histories, casualty lists and other documents of genealogical interest. GenealogyBank offers access to many historical documents that aren't available elsewhere online, making it a valuable genealogy tool for the serious genealogist.

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  • Online access to unique historical documents
  • No Hassle, No Haggle Guarantee
  • Fast downloading and easy scanning and viewing of digital documents
  • Title list for each collection (excluding Historical Documents) makes it easy to see what's included


  • Searches in some databases bring up a lot of extra, unrelated results
  • Obituaries are transcriptions, without links to digital copies


  • America's GenealogyBank provides Internet access to a comprehensive U.S. genealogy core collection.
  • Consolidates records from the 17th to 21st centuries in a single database of several million items.
  • Data includes historical newspapers, books and documents; obituaries and the SSDI.
  • Offers Name and Advanced Search options for a single collection or any combination of collections.
  • Includes content from all 50 present states.

Guide Review -

NewsBank has brought together a wealth of genealogical data from various resources and offers it to individual subscribers at

The content, much of it unique online to GenealogyBank, includes over 2,400 historical newspapers from 1690-1977; more than 26.9 million obituaries from 1977 to the present; over 11,700 books, pamplets and printed items from 1652-1900; the complete American State Papers (1789-1838) and all genealogical content from the US Serial Set (1817-1930).

They also offer the US Social Security Death Index (available elsewhere online for free), but have taken the extra step of including the estimated age at death and the day of the week for birth and death, and update it weekly.

Overall search was excellent, although it turned up a lot of extraneous hits in the historical newspapers section - most likely due to the unusual typefaces used in the old newspapers. A search for the surname KOTH, for example, turns up hits for Roth, both, notice and other irrelevant words. Definitely use the advanced search to narrow the results by location and date!

Image download times were excellent and I really liked the easy scanning offered by the built-in viewer. Newspaper articles and other digitized documents can be saved to your computer as PDF files, but not as an images. Overall, however, GenealogyBank gets an A for ease of navigation and use.

GenealogyBank is an excellent resource, especially for early Colonial research and for genealogists ready to venture beyond the basic marriage certificate and census records. I conduct historical research through a number of Web sites, but GenealogyBank is always my first stop.

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