General Book Club Questions for Study and Discussion

Make your next meeting more engaging

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In your book club, you may be reading books on a wide variety of topics. No matter the genre, age, notoriety or length of the book of the moment, here are a few questions that you can use to kickstart or enhance your group discussion.

Questions to Get Your Book Club Discussion Going

  • Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not?
  • What were your expectations for this book? Did the book fulfill them?
  • How would you briefly describe the book to a friend?
  • Did the author seem to appear in the book? How? Why? Was the presence of the author disruptive? Or did it seem appropriate/fitting?
  • How would you describe the plot? Did it pull you in; or did you feel you had to force yourself to read the book?
  • How realistic was the characterization? Would you want to meet any of the characters? Did you like them? Hate them?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • Did the actions of the characters seem plausible? Why? Why not?
  • If one (or more) of the characters made a choice that had moral implications, would you have made the same decision? Why? Why not?
  • How does the setting figure into the book? 
  • How would the book have been different if it had taken place in a different time or place?
  • What are some of the book's themes? How important were they?
  • How are the book's images symbolically significant? Do the images help to develop the plot, or help to define characters?
  • Did the book end the way you expected?
  • At which point of the book were you most engaged?
  • Conversely, were there any parts of the book that you felt dragged on?
  • How would you describe the pace of the book?
  • What three words would you use to summarize this book?
  • What, if anything, set this book apart from others you've read in a similar genre?
  • Would you recommend this book to other readers? To your close friend? Why or why not?
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