General Hospital Spoilers for the Upcoming Weeks

Michael Easton
Michael Easton Returns to GH!. Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Updates - May 7, 2016

A major character return is coming -- and stays for quite a while.

Kiki works to bring Nina and Franco back together.

There is a story behind Griffin's scar.

Dr. O counsels Maxie!

Will Nathan or Maxie find out about Griffin's past?

Shawn Butler will be back on the scene.

It's the end of Julian and Alexis.

Morgan has a more positive outlook on life,

Michael gets news of Sabrina.

There is a Sonny/Carlos/Anna shootout.

Griffin's scar has a story.

Will Sonny inadvertently cause harm to one of his kids? Again?

Ned sees that Julian and Olivia are both parenting Leo.

Mac arranges legal help for Anna.

Hayden/Rachel has a plan to get Nikolas where she wants him.

Jordan is still insecure about Andre, despite their lovemaking. Is someone in the way?

Kristina starts working at the Corinthos Coffee Office.

Who is Aaron (the guy Kristina went out with), and does he have an agenda?

Nurse Amy has a set of pipes.T

Finn has info regarding Josslyn's blood work, and it's not good.

Two of Helena's items will lead back to: Lucky 

Elizabeth is in for a huge, huge shock.

Griffin was a priest. Did Nathan shoot him? 

There may be a Liz and Franco matchup.

Ned hesitates to restart things with Olivia because Julian is co-parenting Leo.

Will Tracy let Michael run ELQ?

Ned doesn't think Tracy is a changed woman.

Laura's key takes her in a surprising and possibly dangerous direction.

Ava wants full custody of Avery back, and good luck to her.

Carly is concerned when Sonny and Michael go on a trip. 

Carly finds out more than she wanted about that kidney.

Morgan's relationship with Kiki could cause a change in Kiki's relationship with Dillon.  

Curtis grows close to Valerie but he is worried about Hayden/Rachel damage.


Kristina still has Parker on a brain but embarks on a new relationship in an attempt to find out who she is.

A surprise from Nikolas has an effect on his marriage to Hayden/Rachel.

There are obstacles to Elizabeth's and Franco's friendship, Is one of them named Jason?

The Nurses' Ball serves as the venue for a wedding, a return, and a major discovery.

Lucas and Brad make plan their wedding.

Nathan and Maxie plan their wedding too but Claudette is on Maxie's mind.

Griffin finds out something about his past.

Finn is a very powerful enemy, which risks secrets from his past resurfacing.

Michael hears from Sabrina and goes to find her.

Paul searches for and helps recapture Carlos.

Julian and Alexis fight for their happiness with Carlos' return.