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ThoughtCo includes a large collection of resources that are appropriate for children. This article provides easy access to the best of our resources for kids who are aspiring geographers, have a geography quiz coming up at school, or are part of a bee.

Geography 101

As a starting point, Geography 101 provides a bunch of information about geography with links to articles all over ThoughtCo. Among others, you'll find information on these topics:

  • The definition of "geography."
  • The history of geography.
  • The different branches and divisions of geography.
  • Information on studying geography and working as a geographer.

Preparing for the Geography Bee

The National Geography Bee is for kids in the fourth through eighth grade. Kids can learn about the Bee and how to prepare. If your school is one of the 1,000+ that participate in the Geography Bee, the information and links in this article can help your students prepare.

All About Geography

This article teaches kids some of the important basics of geography and answers questions such as these:

  • What is geography?
  • How does geography differ from geology?
  • What do geographers do?
  • How does one become a geographer?

Basic Earth Facts

This page for kids includes a listing of fun facts about the planet earth such as these:

  • The size of the earth.
  • The number of countries on our planet.
  • The highest and lowest points on the surface of the earth.
  • The age of the earth.
  • And, more...

Geography Quiz

Think you're a geography expert? While this quiz might be a challenge to most kids, the true geographic fanatic will appreciate the challenge. Both kids and adults will test the depth of their geographic knowledge with these fifteen questions.

U.S. State Capitals

This is a great resource for kids who need to memorize the United States state capitals for their geography class. From Juneau (Alaska) to Augusta (Maine), you'll find every capital along with population, education, and income information for each city. 

Capitals of Every Country

This listing is a great reference for kids studying the countries in geography class. Did you know that Yerevan is the capital of Armenia or that Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname? This article can help you brush up on your knowledge of important world cities.

All About Physical Geography

Physical geography is the branch of the science with which most people are familiar. It includes the study of climates, flora, and fauna, the atmosphere, landscape features, erosion, and more. This article gives an overview of the physical geography and provides numerous links to further information.

All About Cultural Geography

Geography isn't all about mountains, bodies of water, and other physical features of the earth. With this article, you'll learn about the human side of geography. You'll learn how languages, economics, governmental structures, and even the arts are connected to the physical features of our world.

We hope these resources help you and your kids learn geography. Enjoy!

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