George Washington Fast Facts

First President of the United States

Portrait of President George Washington
Portrait of President George Washington. Credit: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division LC-USZ62-7585 DLC

George Washington was the only president to be unanimously elected to the presidency. He had been a hero during the American Revolution and was made the president of the Constitutional Convention. He set many precedents during his time in office that still stand to this day. He provided a blueprint of how the president should act and what role he should take.

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February 22, 1732


December 14, 1799

Term of Office:

April 30, 1789-March 3, 1797

Number of Terms Elected:

2 Terms

First Lady:

Martha Dandridge Custis


"Father of Our Country"

George Washington Quote:

"I walk on untrodden ground. There is scarcely any part of my conduct which may not hereafter be drawn into precedent."

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Did George Washington chop down a cherry tree and tell his father the truth?

Answer: As far as we know, no. In fact, Washington's biographer, Mason Weems, wrote a book called "The Life of Washington" shortly after his death where he created this myth as a way to show Washington's honesty.

Major Events While in Office:

  • Elected to first term with a unanimous electoral vote (1789)
  • First United States census (1790)
  • District of Columbia established (1791)
  • Bill of Rights ratified (1791)
  • Proclamation of Neutrality (1793)
  • Whiskey Rebellion (1794)
  • Jay's Treaty (1795)
  • Pinckney's Treaty (1796)
  • Farewell Address (1796)

States Entering Union While in Office:

  • Vermont (1791)
  • Kentucky (1792)
  • Tennessee (1796)

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