German Gift Ideas (Geschenkideen)

German Incense Burners
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Are you looking for a good gift for the German fan on your list? Here's a list of gift ideas for people who love German and the German-speaking countries of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. In some cases, you'll find a link to the product or more information, but most of the listings below are just helpful gift ideas related to German and the German-speaking countries.

Books and Dictionaries

You can also look online for books, CDs, DVDs, and more German gift ideas

Christmas Season Gifts

If you're giving a gift to a German lover during the Christmas season, consider the following:

  • Carved wooden Nativity set
  • Christmas pyramid
  • German pewter or crystal tree ornaments
  • Nutcracker figure
  • Book of German Christmas carols
  • Advent wreath with candles
  • Chocolate Advent calendar (before Dec. 1)
  • Steiff teddy bear or doll
  • German incense smokers (figures)

Steiff Teddy Bears

The German Steiff company made its first "teddy bears" in the early 1900s. Some early Steiff bears sell for thousands of dollars to collectors. Steiff still makes its high-quality bears, and they remain the most valuable of all teddies. A new Steiff bear or other figures generally cost between $30 and $250.

German Incense Smokers (Raucher)

Incense smokers can be very attractive—in both modern and traditional designs. These often colorful figures represent fisherman, firemen, soldiers, postmen, and people in traditional dress. The smoke from the incense comes out of the figure's mouth.

Cooking, Food, and Drink Gifts

  • German cookbook
  • Raclette set (for fondue)
  • Glühwein (hot mulled wine) packet with bottle of wine
  • German or Austrian wine
  • German wine decanter stand (Weinheber)
  • Gift certificate to a local German/Bavarian/Swiss restaurant
  • Austrian/Swiss chocolate
  • Cookie and gingerbread molds
  • Egg cup set (Eierbecher)

German Decor

  • Austrian crystal (Swarovski, Kisslinger) glass ornaments
  • Ceramic beer stein
  • German, Austrian or Bavarian flag
  • Hummel ceramic figures 
  • Decorative bells (Bavarian, Swiss, Tyrolian)
  • Cuckoo clock
  • German hand-made candles (modern)
  • Pewter items (steins, ornaments)
  • Posters and photos (German scenes, Austrian/German people: Bach, Einstein, Mozart, etc.)
  • Stuffed animals (classic Steiff teddy bear)
  • Good luck ceramic pig (a sign of good fortune in Germany).

Austrian Crystal and Glass (Krystal)

Austria is well known as a producer of beautiful crystal glass in many forms and designs. Although Swarovski is the best-known brand, you should also consider Kisslinger in Tyrol. 

Miscellaneous German Gifts

  • Dirndl dress or lederhosen (Austrian/Bavarian leather pants)
  • German TV subscription (in North America)
  • German wrap-around sling baby carrier (Storchenwiege)

Music and Movie Gifts

  • CDs by German-language artists (Falco, Fanta4, Die Prinzen, etc.)
  • iTunes gift certificate (for downloading music by German music/artists)
  • iPod or MP3 player
  • German movie DVDs

Travel Gifts

  • Set of plug adapters or voltage transformers (large & small)
  • Handheld computer/PDA
  • Multiband cell phone (that works in Europe and North America)
  • Electronic English-German dictionary
  • Portable DVD player
  • Travel guidebook and maps
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