German Teenage Slang

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The following is a handful of German slang that can be heard at times from teenagers. Keep in mind that not all German teenagers speak this way and that slang may vary from region to region. 


äugeln - to flirt
abgallen - to throw up
Amateurlocken - matted hair
Atze - buddy
Barrio - hang-out place
BD - stupid
buggi - to not care (Das ist buggi -> Es ist mir egal – I don’t care)
Büffelbude - school
chillen - to chill, relax
cremig - cool
Drahtfresse - teenager with braces
Drinni someone who stays home all the time
dissent - to get upset
dullie - dumb person
Emo - from Emotional Hardcore Punk, signifies an emotional person
fitnieren - to train in a fitness center
friedhofsblond - gray-haired
Fresskick - eating frenzy
froggy - crazy
gediegen - cool
gruscheln - comes from grüßen (greet) and kuscheln (cuddle)
Güllebunker - toilet
Hasenhirn - an idiot
Heulsuse - woman that cries a lot
Hirni - an idiot
Homie - buddy
Hood - neighbourhood
Ikeakind - a Swede
imba - cool
jedn -> auf jeden Fall – absolutely/ of course
Kackpappe - toilet paper
knorke - awesome
Körperklaus - clumsy, awkward person
KP - kein Plan
Labertasche - blabbermouth
lolen – to laugh out loud
lush - cool

M - Z

Mcdreamy - Prince Charming
MOF -> Mensch ohne Freunde – Person without friends
möbt - nerve-racking
McDonalds – overgrown eyebrows
megamäßig – super big
Omega – loser
overlappt – totally uncool
phat – very good
rolexen – to boast
Schnaddadeng! – Here, look!
swag - very cool
trollig – dumb
Underbomber – underwear
unst – cool
volle Möhre – awesome
wambo – gross
zappo – the end

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